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I made someone's day? When?

I was tagged by chrisleeoctaves ... *draws hearts around her*

Pick 10 people and give them the "you make my day" award. If you're picked, you are charged with picking 10 of your own.

Unfortunately, like Chrislee, I seem to be kinda bad at math. But in no particular order and with comments, here are my choices ~

tabaqui Ha! I know. You're all shocked and amazed. But seriously, if you were to choose a BFF, wouldn't you choose someone with incomparable talent, with undeniable kindness, with absolute intelligence and beautiful? Did I mention beautiful? *and* someone that lives close enough I you can stalk in real!time?

lostakasha Hee! Annie makes my head spin with her eloquent prose and she makes me laugh and think and *dance* with our everyday chats. She traveled all the way to Kansas andlet me get her drunk on vodka and cherry limeades and she took my luff for Behr to a whole new level. *smooches*

hybridmagic Absolute pure love of Jason Behr. And such incredible talent combined with just a really, really nice person. What's not to like?

cerisaye Excellent movie and book reviews. Beautiful!men pic spams. Cerisaye has been on my flist for ... ever. She is so very inspiring.

anonymous_sibyl one of my first lj friends. She used to work at a chocolate store and is twice as sweet. Now she's going to Wellesley. She's very, very smart and true and incredible and passionate and adorable.

stir_of_echoes Always there. No matter what. We talk for hours and then we don't talk for weeks. And I always know she's there, she always knows I'm here. If we ever meet in rl, the universe will explode. *nodsnods*

knotted_rose Beautiful. Kind. Intelligent. Talented. Introduced me to martinis in the afternoon. One of the most generous people I've ever met and I adore her without reservation.

lady_t_220 Hugh Jackman's number one fan. Writes the hottest, longest, BEST het!porn in the galaxy. If anyone were to sway me from teh!slash, it would be Lizzie. And then? She writes slash. And I cry at the beauty of it. She's funny and smart and so damn young and she brought me to lj. *luffs*

kittyzams Cute. Sweet. Devoted to her daughter and her family and her friends and she makes me smile. Every time she posts.

jstabe Jenn seems to know just when I need a hug. She's talented and funny and she's soooo fucking cute when she's drunk. She is brave and smart and fun and the sound of her giggles is pure joy.

sockkpuppett And in conclusion, Luminosity. Fan!grrl squeee. Adoration. A talent for finding just the right song for just the right clip at the right time for the right show for the perfect character. Beautiful family. Lovely brain. Absolute honesty and a real friend. Somehow I know if I ever road!tripped down south, I could knock on her door.

southernbangel Lee is sweet. Powdered sugar sweet. Thick icing sweet. She has the biggest, prettiest, cheerleader smile you'd ever want to see. And then ... you get to know her. And find out that behind that southern bell charm, there is a mind like a steel trap. Sharp and biting and sarcastic and witty and so, so, so very wise. I am *so* staying on her good side.

So tell me ... who makes your day?

*loves on my flist*
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