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Weds, March 16, 2005 to ...


I finally did it. I didn't want to ... but, afterwards, it felt right. Sadsad, but ... right.

I emailed spuzz and told her that as of the end of February, I would be resigning from the su_herald.

I can't tell you how excited I was when Spuzz was looking for an editor three years ago and she chose *me*. I know I gushed in emails to her and squeeed all over my journal and you guys. I've loved doing it. Loved reading the 400+ reading list twice a week, sometimes more. Loved finding new writers and lovedlovedloved discovering hidden gems.

Trolling for fic is what brought me stoney321. And for a non~spandery person, it has given me a true appreciation by reading reremouse and tabaqui's incredible stories. I got to read fics that I normally wouldn't and been blown away by the talent. I've read fics that I wish I hadn't.


I've been called in comments, a rude, elitist bitch and a fucking c***. And at WriterCon in Atlanta, I had the most wonderful experience of two lovely writers coming up to me and thanking me for doing nothing more than linking their fics.

I had fun doing the quote thing. I'm proud of the addition of the drabbles/ficlets section. It was great to play with the Editor's pick and the Classic Herald choices. It has been a joy to participate in our fandom. And I'm excited, you know, to hand the reins over to someone new that will greet each issue with bright eyes and happiness.

And even though I told her in the email ... Thank you, spuzz. Thank you for this experience. It has been so. much. fun.



Now ... what can I do to make my last few issues absolutely memorable? *la*
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