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Community Theater

Well. Had a good time last night. Saw the opening night of Theater Atchison's 'Steel Magnolias'.
It was very well done.
Although it doesn't matter how many times I see it, I can't feel the pain at the end. I don't like Shelby. Never have, never will. She's spoiled, stupid, willfull, stubborn and, imho, pretty much did herself in with the power of her own decisions.
(okay, how do you really feel?)
I do love all the other characters tho~ Very strong southern women, warm, loving friendships. I guess I'm still waiting for the right person to play Shelby. To make me care about her.

On an especially good note, tho. . . at intermission, while I was outside smokin'. . .my man came and got me.

"Hey, I got something to show you." <~him

"Okay" <~me

So he takes me back in the lobby and over to the opposite side that we had come in. . .

And there on the wall was a very nice, matted collage of the play I was in last winter, 'The Night Of January 16th'.

I beleive I squealed.

I am immortalized in Atchison, Kansas. In a miniskirt. Looking trampy. What a memoir.

(i'm just glad they didn't chose one of the pics from when I uncrossed/crossed my legs ala Sharon Stone while I was talking to the jury. . .*totally intentional and completely hysterical*. . .)

Ahhhh, that was fun. Being bad can be very, very fun.
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