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can you hear the conversations I have with you?

Boy, once you put off posting for a day, it just becomes a week, doesn't it? But i talk to you all every day! in my head! i make magnificent posts full of hilarity and fandom luff.


on my travels through the 'net for links today, i saw an icon that said something like 'every bad fic you post is better than the good fic you don't'

i'm not sure i agree with that thought. 'course, i might be a bit jaded considering how long i've been trolling for the herald. heh. Don't people use betas anymore? Is that not a cool thing to do any longer? *sheesh* and when i see people that i know have beta'd craptaculor stories reccing some others? i don't even wanna go there. seriously.

and on that wank!tastic note ...

if you write a fic and post a pairing, oh, let's say ~ just for fun ... Faith/Buffy, okay? and half way through the fic, Faith turns out to have an actual dick? please warn for it, k? it's not a plot twist. it's a nasty trick on your readers. if i'm in the mood to read gay porn, i don't want to find out half way through that it is NOT gay!porn. And, in the intelligent words of my BFF ~ 'if i picked up that book from the gay!section of my book store and it turned out to have het!sex in it? yes, i would be pissed off'.

just saying. and this coming from someone that doesn't warn for much at all. and if someone gently, kindly asks you to warn for such ... don't jump down their throat and then post about how you were sent hate!mail. because you weren't. really. i've seen hate!mail and that was not it.

why yes. I am crabby today.

*picks at wounds*

Belated Happy Birthday!! wishes to lostakasha! Love you, bay~bee. xoxoxoxo
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