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Drabble Request ~ Spike/Angelus

First Christmas

for jjjean65
who asked for Spike/some random male, mistletoe, shiver, sparkle

Not Mine
200 words

The candlelight mesmerized William. Angelus knew it would, he remembered the flames dancing in his mind after Darla turned him. He could stare for hours, felt an almost physical pain when the candle guttered and ended.

Drusilla’s new toy couldn’t tear his eyes away from the trees that humans had carefully placed in their front windows, flames burning in clips that singed pine needles. Courting death with their decorations, even as they asked it in with seasonal cheer.

A sprig of mistletoe hung in the foyer above them, they knocked the snow off their boots. Angelus twisted those soft, perfect blond curls in his fingers to lift William’s head. He kissed him. Cool lips that warmed with the temperature of the house. Blue eyes glittered with shock and the humans tittered and laughed, too drunk and full of mirth to notice the inhuman attributes of unexpected guests.

Angelus touched hard flesh between shivering thighs, through cotton weave that didn’t hide the desire.

He felt the fangs descend, bite his lips and he gently curbed the new vampire. Stroked the ridged brow back to smoothness with a touch that teased of more. He whispered,

“First we play, William. Then we eat.”

Tags: angelus/spike, ats, drabbles, ficlet
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