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Drabble Request ~ Jason/Vincent

Preacher's Son

for lostakasha
who asked for our Bible!Verse Jason/anyone, dare
so I went with my favorite pairing out of that ...
Not Mine
100 words

It wasn’t the years that had changed Vincent. His face angelic, body of a teenager, but his eyes had hardened, darkened. His smile wasn’t as open, his laugh not as freely expressed. As he rolled over Jason, with a teasing smirk … Jason didn’t ask why.

He brushed the bangs from Vincent’s blue eyes and the request made his blood sizzle. Made his breath come faster.

Vincent straddled Jason. He poured lubricant, rubbing it over his fingers, knuckles, the sharp bone on the outside of his wrist as if Jason had already agreed.

“Come on, let me. I dare you.”

*luffs hard*

Tags: drabbles, jason behr, rps, vincent k
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