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you got questions? i got answers!

from yesterday's post, where you, lucky peoples, get to ask me anything.

Is there anything you write about in fic that you'd do in real life?

Um ... well, since I only write white!bread, vanilla fic ... I'm sure I don't know what you're talking about.

Ha hahahahaha.

Yes. There are certain things I would do in real life, as I write in fic. Ahhh, if only I had a dick. And looked like David Boreanaz. *snort* Seriously, though ... I would certainly tie someone up. or down. I would certainly use the lufferly flogger that Luv made for me on said tied up person's bare ass ... the kicker? I have to be attracted. I gotta wanna see that boy/girl's ass. There's gotta be chemistry. Otherwise, I would just be going through the motions. And I've had way too much of that already.

It's five years from today. We haven't seen each other in awhile, but we've been able to make some of our fondest dreams and hopes come true. We've changed, but we're still the same. :) Where do we meet? How has your life changed since last we met? And after we uncouple from the tightest clinging session of our adult lives so far -- what's the first thing you say to me?

"Come in, babe!! I've missed you so much! Would you like some coffee? Tell me everything that has happened to you over the last five years! Oh, and don't mind the nekkid houseboys. They're very hard workers, they amuse themselves when I'm irritable. They're totally bi~sexual and yes! They are all perfect clones of Jason Behr!"


And to answer your other question ... No. I don't. I've realized that feeling I get when I write with someone, you know, when you really *click* and it works without effort ... ? That one? Is not love. Although it feels really damn close. Which is nice, you know. The feeling of love is addicting. It's lovely. It's wonderful. But while I know NOW that I can fall in absolute and complete love with another person's brain and creativity ... I may not be at all in love with them. Make sense? No? Heh. Perhaps that is just me.

That's not to say that if I met just the right woman someday, I wouldn't sink to my knees and pry her thighs apart with my fingers and find out just how the back of her knee tasted ... along with other parts of her anatomy. It would just have to be the right woman, you know?

What is it you find erotic about vampires? And is it just Joss vampires in particular?

Vampires. What isn't erotic about them? Live forever? check. Hard bodies? check. Orgasmic feeding? check. Brooding dark demonic erotic sensual sexual hypersexual bisexual evil ... check check check. And Joss' vampires? Own my soul. Forever~n~ever. Yeah. Mostly just his. I can't even watch/read about anyone else's version of vampires without comparisons. *pets them*

Why are you into slash?

Hee! Good question! Thank you!

I always wrote het. Always. From the time I was 13 until I found LJ. Just prior to that, I'd read my first slash!fics. On the WolverineXBoards, I think it was Wolvie/Beast. And I was hooked. Hard. I started reading all the slash I could find, that's how I stumbled on Kita's Angel/Lindsey fic and duuuuuuuuude. I fell. Hard. I still wrote Angel het, though ... until I found RPS. And I have to clarify this. I'd already read lots of Russell Crowe RPF and a couple others. I've wrote an entire novel that is very thinly disguised Loverboy!RPF. And oh, man, I'm really dating myself here, but whooot! Bandom! Sorta. Kinda. Okay ... *ahem*

So RPS was not that much of a stretch for me. And I wanted to, you know? Stretch. I wanted to try to write two guys together as opposed to man/woman. I wanted to see if I could make two men, written as men ... having sex. Together. Not making one of them all girly, not making both of them completely unrealistic. I've always had men as very good friends and I love to watch them interact. And then take it a step (or twelve) further in fic.

Not that I won't ever write het!sex again. Given the right prompt? and the right pairing? I'm all over that.

Thanks for playing, peoples!!!

*squishes every one of you*

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