Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

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What'choo wanna know?

I've got inventory tonight. By myself, since I didn't get enough hours to schedule any help. So I have to go back in by 10pm.


But, since I will be alone ... I'll be able to listen to my cheap!ass ipod knockoff. At very loud volume. I'll be able to stop and write whatever pRony ideas I get as I count. Ha!

:D Always gotta look at the bright side.

I want to do that 'ask me anything' meme. But I have no idea how to make the poll thingy ... So ... I'll just screen all (?) the replies to this post and answer your questions in another post tomorrow. Without including *who* asked me what. K?

So go for it. I'll be as honest and interesting as your questions inspire me to be.

*twirls you*
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