Snow (sweptawaybayou) wrote,

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WIP day!!!

I just found out that it is WIP Amnesty Day!

*gosh, who thought of that?*

So. . .I will be looking for major amounts of WIP posted on my friend's page. . .*hint, hint*

Yes. I will read anything. Even unfinished anythings.

Did I ever mention I love to Beta? May not be any good at it, but hey, you ever need a cheerleader in your corner?

That would be me.

I do try to check grammer and voices (of the characters I know). So if you're ever in need of a second opinion. I am your gal.

And did I mention that I love to read?

And perhaps I will post a couple of my WIP here. In case anyone wants to prod me. Or poke me with a sharp stick.

come on poke me already!
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