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Lisa and I just got back from seeing '30 Days of Night' with Renee.

It was ... odd. Definitely not the scary movie I was expecting. We did see a preview for the new Predator vs Alien movie that is coming out at Christmas time. Hee! That will rock. And wtf is up with putting a camera SO close to an actor's face that you can see each individual hair? In their nose? Blech. Very not attractive.

Yis. I am shallow. Do tell me if that surprises you.

I finally got my Bread Destination table in the bakery. It's only been outside, covered in plastic wrap since last year. New!Store Mgr. Mike was very happy to tell me about it. All day. *rolls eyes* And the fact that it is a $6,000 table. And that all my other tables cost $2,000 each. (that would be three in total) So ... let's do the math ... Kroger spends, at the very least, $12,000 for each bakery in the Dillons/Gerbes/wtfelse chain to have brand new tables. When the ones that we had before were completely serviceable and fine. And in the past 6 years I've worked for them ... I've gotten - in total - less than ONE DOLLAR in cost of living raises.

Well, that makes perfect sense.

I do have a question for you, my lovelies ~ I've got a new employee and while I was explaining the differences between the three Rye breads we bake each day ... he asked me WHY Jewish Rye was called Jewish. Why Swedish Rye was called Swedish. Black Rye, thank goodness, was easy. I've googled.'ed. All I get is recipes. Not reasons. Do you know?

Also, New!Store Mgr Mike keeps telling me that he's got lots of fetishes. *facepalm* I know he doesn't mean it like that ... it's things like wanting all my tables lined up with the tiles on the floors. Cleaning the top of the cake case every day.

I think of those as Pet Peeves, personal preferences. Not, you know, like panty~hose gets me hard and please put on that rubber suit and oooooooooooh leather .......... and that new!car commercial where the woman talks about seven point cargo tie~down hooks in the back of the SUV.



It's cold here! The leaves are turning and we've gotten BUCKETS of rain. I LOVE FALL. Gabriel even finds his way to my bed around 1am every morning. Because although he loves sleeping in the living room with his multitude of bones around him ... nothing beats the heat coming up from my big ol'sloshy waterbed.


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