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Icon Meme + Love Fest

tabaqui picked out seven of mine ...

~ David - Amen
Made for me by winterlive while we were playing at the_shag_pile and my rpg David was going through his, um ... church!kink phase. Which, you know ... I don't think he ever actually moved away from. *la*


~ Attitude - lit_gal
I don't use this one too often and I don't know why. I love it and it never fails to make me smile when I see it. I sometimes wish that *was* me.

~ Cross - Rosary Beads by dont_be_so_base
Made from my request for men's hands + rosary beads/crosses. Duuuuuuuuuude. No explanation needed, right?

~ Alucard - Vampire with Cross by laikvendi
This one is just pure fun. My daughter, Lisa, introduced me to Hellsing and the very bad!ass Alucard. The vampire that kills other vampires. And demons and bad people and pretty much anyone he can justify killing. He's tall and dark and loves to take his shirt off. And he bites crosses. Dude. Where the fuck do I sign up for that fandom? We watched all the Hellsing dvds together and when a bad guy is in the midst of a bloody rampage, grabs his crotch and says 'I'm getting hard!' ... you know I have to have at least ONE icon.

~ Spike - No Angel by truly_tazi
I love this icon. It sums up Spike for me perfectly. He never was Angel. He never really wanted to be Angel. Spike was and is absolutely ... Spike. And I will always love him for that and love tabaqui for showing me just how very, very sexass Spike can be. With anyone.

~ Jason - Snow Tattoo by tabaqui
I think that this was the first icon that tabaqui made for me. After completely sending me 'round the bend about Jason Behr, I found those pictures. You know. THOSE PICTURES. And immediately neededwantedhadtohave MY NAME ON HIS ASS. In tattoo form, of course. And Tabi willingly complied with my desires. Gotta love that in a BFF. She is way too kind. And she should be. After all, my obsession with Behr is totally her fault.

~ Dean - Winchester by spuzz
Spuzz made me this icon for my birthday. And I adore it. Dean is my SPN addiction ... Sam has grown on me after two years, but if Jensen Ackles ever left the series? I'm afraid I would follow him, just as I did when Angel left Buffy. Heh. And yiiiiiiiiiiis. I'm all over the Wincest. It's just. So. Pretty.

Anyone want to play? I'll take the first four.


Go love someone in southernbangel's journal. Tell everyone who makes you smile. We all need a little mid~week luff!in. I know I do.

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