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Finally stopped snowing!

And even tho my kid's school is open, I'm keeping them home. I do not want to drive out to the wilds to pick them up this afternoon. And I don't want my oldest driving out there today. So they get a 4 day weekend. And I'm a hero. Yay Mom!

(I don't send them to school in our little town, they go out to a country school, very small. . .but also very far out . . . there)

I started writing the evalRPS. Inspired by all the wonderful, sexy, smutty and oh-so-very-hot stories I've been reading from glossing and knotted_rose. So I think that today will be a quiet, snowy, smut-filled day.

Except for all those bills I have to go pay. And I must get new tires on the KIA. MUST! And I'm going with the man to Atchison tonight to see the opening of 'Steel Magnolias'.

So in between all that, it will be smut-filled.
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