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Picture Heavy Vacation Spam ~ :)


Boy, when I fall behind on posting? I fall behind. heh.

I've been rewatching Ats from the beginning, I'm up to Blind Date and wow, didn't Lindsey walk into Angel's office at just the wrong time? Just when Angel is all pissed off, realizing that Wolfram and Hart is his biggest problem and guess who walks in ...


I have pictures to share from my vacation. lostakasha and I toured every Catholic church that we could find in every small town between Leavenworth and Rolla, MO. While we were on our way to tabaqui's house. As much as I luff checking out old churches, it is *such* fun to go with an ex-Catholic. I could just point at a Saint and Annie could tell me not only who they were, but what they did to become a Saint. Very, very cool.

First off, though ... we have to start with the Angle headstones.

The first time I saw those? I admit, I laughed my ass off. *facepalm* It's just one of those things, you know? Either laugh or cry.

The boys at the funeral home next to my house share this humor, I think. One of them has a personalized license plate 'Coffin'.


St. Patrick's in Rolla

Very old outside, very modern inside.

Holy Family Catholic Church in Vienna, MO.

My favorite two stained glass windows. Young men. School boys. :)

Such an odd mix of old and new. And who the hell painted that dove and those angels? *rolls eyes*

St. Joseph Catholic Church and cemetary in Westphalia, MO.

Yis. I got my church!kink on. I know that there are much, much older churches. I know that there are more beautiful churches ... but I would seriously love to spend a few months driving around the midwest and photographing random churches. Ones that people never usually see, you know? And then, of course, writing smoking!hot!Church!porn in the evenings. I wonder if there is a grant for something like that.


And the entire tour made me want to go back and rewrite the David/Jason Stations of the Cross thread. *pants*

All in all, we had a blast. Lots of laughter and joy. Lots of sharing stories and talking fic and watching movies. Somehow my copy of Happily, Even After disappeared off to Boston with Annie. Hee! Gotta share the Behr.

The new Store Manager Mike is wonderful. So far. I had a very stressful, shorthanded weekend and it was so very very nice to be praised for what we were doing, instead of screeched at for what we couldn't get to.

*twirls you*
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