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This was just supposed to be a random drabble. Heh.

Late Sunday Afternoon

by Snow

David Boreanaz/Hugh Jackman/Jason Behr
very very NC-17
very very Not Mine

for lady_t_220 who asked, weeks ago, for Hugh Jackman … sandwiched between anyone. And I said Yes! I’ll do it!

Thank you for your patience, LT. And thank you for this picture …

The afternoon stretched out in front of Hugh. Long. Empty. The big suite devoid of entourage, friends. No appointments, no press to meet and the fall California sun seemed hollow and cold compared to Australia. The view out the window showed him sand not as white, water not as blue.

He’d sent them all away. Not Deb, of course, not the kids. But the managers, the assistants, the hangers-on and canIdoanythingforyouHugh people. The sound of the last one shutting the door a little too hard still rang in his ears.

Deb had seen it. Felt it She’d whispered a kiss on his cheek and bundled up their children, given some excuse about wanting to go to a special fashion show in New York. They’d known each other too long and she always knew how he was feeling long before Hugh did. Long before he recognized the itch under his palms or the headache that wouldn’t go away or the twitch just under his right eye. He could go work out, he could go for a mile-eating jog, he could drink until he passed out … but none of that was what he really wanted.

What he needed.

They’d made promises, best friend pinky-swearing, spitting together kind of promises and Hugh was allowed to indulge his needs, as she was. But for him, there was no more cruising bars, no more calling for an escort. No more walking down certain streets and finding his fix. He was too well known and even in ball caps and clothes bought to hide his legs, his very height and his face; it was, they’d agreed, too much of a risk.

He had phone numbers though. Stored in his cell and Hugh flipped through them slowly. A fellow Australian who was out on location, somewhere in British Columbia, a couple of friends from Oz. Random names that didn’t spark any interest until he started again at the top and his thumb pressed the call button before his mind could catch up.

There was a short conversation. Hugh could remember having more in depth, reality based chats with fans in passing, but after he snapped the phone closed, he was smiling. Getting up off the couch and heading to the shower, clothes dropping off of his long, lean body and left on the floor.

It was hard not to touch in the shower. Hard to not break the few rules laid out from the voice on the phone. Hard not to let his hands reach down for more than the cursory run with soap and washcloth and he was almost against the wet tiles just from the sense memory of that deliberately low, growling sigh.

“It’s your lucky day. I’ll be there in thirty.”

Oh, it was so fucking hard.


When the knock came, Hugh was pacing. White robe soft around his knees as it moved with him. Smoking a cigarette from a pack left by his manager. The tobacco burnt his lungs and tasted like shit, but it was something to do with his hands when he couldn’t do anything else. He crushed out the cherry in crystal and opened the door.

David leaned. One hand on the wood of the hotel room doorframe and one on the waistband of his jeans, his T-shirt riding up just enough to give Hugh a glimpse of smooth, tanned skin. That was different. As was the sight of another man, standing beside David. Large smile, hazel eyes. Long hair and lips that looked already kissed, swollen. Hot and wet. The pink tongue that peeked through too-white teeth was nothing but an invitation.

David inclined his head to the right and grinned. A smile that had nothing to do with appearing friendly, one that Hugh doubted David ever used in front of cameras.

“He’s okay. Gonna let us in?”

Maids were working their way down the hotel hallway. Pushing carts and knocking in that determined but genteel, respectful way that upper class places like this seemed to teach to all their staff. Hugh slid the ‘Do Not Disturb’ plastic from his side of the door, he put it over the outer handle and swung the door open. Just enough to let them in, his smile slipping a little, a threesome was not what he was looking for.

“J was with me when you called.” David said as he walked past, walked in.

“J?” Hugh stumbled through closing the door, his fingers throwing the double lock from the inside by habit and his mind spinning. His ‘I’m an actor’ smile coming up from the pure human nature inside him, his hand extended and his body turning as if he could hide his hard on under rich, thick terry cloth. He felt naked. Exposed. Caught with his hand in a cookie jar that he hadn’t paid to fill.

The younger man smiled wider and took Hugh’s hand. He shook it. Carefully, normally. And then he brought Hugh’s hand up to his face, bicep taut under the cotton over Jason’s arm. Hugh felt the soft tickle of hair on the back of his hand and then the warmth of a kiss. That thousand watt smile stopping for just a moment to circle and lick and suck the end of Hugh’s index finger.

“Jason. And he’s good. He’s better than good.” David laughed, lighting a joint and taking a deep drag that Hugh could hear. His voice a little muted, distorted as he held his breath while speaking. “That’s why I brought him.”

Then that deep, rumbling sound was at Hugh’s shoulder. The sweet smell of pure, expensive pot filled Hugh’s sinuses and lungs as he inhaled. Pressing back against David’s solid chest as Jason untied the knot at the front of his robe. Hugh’s fingers still wet from Jason’s mouth, his hands lost for a moment. Unsure of where to put them.

“Have you touched yourself, Hugh?”

Jason’s mouth was on his collarbone, Hugh’s robe pushed back and over his shoulders. The heat of David’s body lessened as he moved away just enough for the white to drop and fall. Hugh stood naked between them both, the metal of David’s belt buckle was cold, warming as it scraped the curve of Hugh’s ass.

“No.” Hugh sighed as Jason’s head dipped lower. Wet lips on a nipple, David’s fingers on Hugh’s other.

Hugh felt Jason’s hands drift softly down from his shoulders to his ribs. Dancing over each rise, pressing between, fitting perfectly over Hugh’s slim hips.

“Should we move to the couch … the bedroom?”

A thousand sensations running under Hugh’s skin and that maddening itch was gone. Replaced by this tightening, spiraling desire that made his knees weak, made the muscles in his thighs tremble. David laughed quietly, those long fingers kept teasing, pulling and pinching Hugh’s nipples. Jason’s hair brushed Hugh’s cock as his almost too-hot mouth left a trail of kisses that cooled as he kept going down and down and down.

“Not yet.”

David’s chin fit perfectly on Hugh’s shoulder and they both watched Jason. Long lashes on his cheeks, the muscles of his arms moving under tanned skin. Veins rising under tight skin and when he was all the way on his knees, he looked up. Right at them. His lips just an inch away from the head of Hugh’s reddened cock. All Hugh would have to do is lean forward, jerk forward, push forward and he’d be in.

David’s hands slid palm flat along Hugh’s chest. A little pressure. Holding Hugh still.

“Did I lie? He’s so fucking good. You have no idea.” Another low chuckle that went straight down Hugh’s spine. “But you will.”

“Stop talking about me like I’m not here, Dave. Jesus.” Jason’s breath blew over Hugh’s cock as he spoke, nothing but adoration and humor in his eyes even as the tone of his voice was quietly serious.

Hugh felt David move from behind him. Watched as he reached down and pulled Jason up from his knees. Held in place by the sight of them, Jason getting to his feet, his arms going automatically around David. They kissed, tongue sliding over tongue. Separating just enough for David’s fingers to push through hair, brush the long bangs out of Jason’s eyes.

“You taste like him.”

Another kiss and David turned Jason. Faced him to Hugh, his hands went under Jason’s shirt, pulling it up and off. His fingers unbuttoned the fly of Jason’s jeans and slid them down Jason’s thigh, helping Jason step out of them, his shoes kicked off and Hugh felt only more naked now that he wasn’t the only one in the room without clothing.

“Hell of a way to meet.” Hugh sounded calm, but his body was vibrating. Strung tight.

Jason shrugged, stretched. He reminded Hugh of David, more comfortable undressed. Completely at home in his skin. Two steps and Jason was up close again. Body heat radiating off, making him seem taller than he was, making Hugh not think about having to look down. Jason twisted his hips, rubbed their cocks together and Hugh leaned forward.

“You’ll never forget me now.”

They both turned and watched as David stripped. He was thinner than Hugh remembered. His chest broader, his hips slimmer, his arms bigger and that fucking tan. Head to toes, bronze and, Hugh smiled, completely waxed free of hair.

Although there were some imperfections. When Hugh walked around David, broken skin in the shape of teeth in two places on the back of David’s shoulders. Hugh glanced over at Jason who waited with a patient smile and realized that he might have been given the wrong impression from the moment he opened the door.

When he saw the red and purple bruises that covered David’s ass, he knew it.

Hugh couldn’t resist reaching. Running a finger over the color and Jason’s hand covered his. Pressed his touch harder over the bruises on David. Standing right behind Hugh, chest to back. Fitting differently than David did, than anyone ever had. Jason’s cock hard and hot behind Hugh’s thigh.

“Beautiful, isn’t he?”

“You did this?” Hugh asked. Fascinated by the way David stood in front of him. Head down, shoulders wide. Not moving, but trembling when they both pushed into the dark color of David’s skin.

“I did this.”

Jason pulled Hugh’s hand away from David. He brought it up to his mouth and Hugh turned, completely in love with those sparkling hazel eyes without even realizing it. Long lashes framing perfect sin behind pure innocence. And his lips. Kissing Hugh’s palm, sucking the skin over the bone on the outside of Hugh’s wrist and Hugh shuddered.

No one. Ever. Not once.

“Come on, boys.”

David pulled them back, out of the main suite room, through the doorway into the bedroom. Here it was dark, thick curtains pulled against the weak fall sunlight. David pushed the door almost closed. Leaving just enough light that they could see each other in gray and black. The king-sized mattress behind Hugh’s legs, four hands on his body. Four hands that knew too well where and how and when and just so good, so good.

They pushed him down and he couldn’t keep track of who was touching where, who was kissing what. Lips and tongues, teeth and fingers. Hard cocks pressing against him, one here, one there. He writhed, shoulders pressing down and hips rising up. His thighs spreading when pressure was applied, Hugh closed his eyes. Gave up. Gave in.

He felt liquid. Contained only by the thinnest crystal. His body blown glass as Jason slid inside him. Pushed inside him. Cock and rubber and lube and so fucking hard, so fucking right. Hurting like nothing else and David was kissing him, sucking the air from Hugh’s lungs, holding their dicks together in those big hands. Slippery hot, sweat and passion.

The undeniable press inside, the welcome invasion, the rub and burn and Jason gave Hugh no quarter, no mercy. His teeth were as sharp as they were white, biting the side of Hugh’s neck, sucking up to his jaw. His hips moving relentlessly, his hand pulling Hugh’s taut, straining thigh up and back and over. Spreading him open to David and the assault just went on and on until Hugh was gasping.

His body close to breaking, his mind on the edge of shattering. His voice hoarse and dry between them.

“Please—I need… please …”

Hugh felt as if he would take another breath, he would splinter and dissolve and they just kept him there. On that peak, taking him higher than he’d ever been until Jason’s hands moved to Hugh’s hips. Until their lips met over his neck and David’s fingers tightened around his cock.

The world stopped turning.

For a breath. For a moment.

For an eternity.

Hugh’s hand gripped David’s arm. His fingers dug into the muscle there, they bruised through the skin. He could feel the thud of each heartbeat. Jason behind him, David in front of him. His own pounding pulse.

And the world expanded.


There were comeslick kisses. Shaky laughs and satisfied sighs. Licked fingers and a shifting of bodies, toss of used condoms into the trash that would be emptied before they could dry into nothing but used latex. One sliding off the bed to stumble to the bathroom, coming back with soap smelling fingers and then there would be those sloppy kisses that would take it all away again.

By the time the room had become truly dark, David was dressing. Smoking another joint. Jason was pulling on his jeans and looking for his shoes. Hugh stood by the couch, his white robe pulled over his shoulders again.

“Next time, Jackman.” David kissed him gently, their lips sore.

Hugh moved to the door, opened it slowly and took the ‘Do Not Disturb’ plastic off the outside handle. He waited for Jason to pass and stopped the younger man.

“Next time you’ll show me more.”

Jason smiled, a slow blink over bloodshot eyes.

“Next time you’ll be on your knees.”

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