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Dragon Wars!

More Behr!!

In t~minus 3 hours and counting.

and, um, yes. I wrote a note for Jeff to get out of school early today. What? He wants to see the violence. I want to see teh!sex!ass!Behr and Lisa just wants to get out of the house ... or so she says.



Dude. Two Behr movies on the big screen! in less than two months! *swoons* Now? where is the Tattooist? Hrmmmm?

I haven't had any luck finding a new!used couch that a)i can afford and b)doesn't look like it's been in someone's basement for a decade. Or two. But? Since tabaqui pointed me to the Kansas City area Craigslist? I have been laughing my ass off at the personals. Men Seeking Women. It's like a train wreck. I just Can.Not.Stop. reading them.

So bad. So very very bad.

When a guy lists his good qualities and 9) I'm not in jail is the highlight?

I am just totally in love.

*twirls you*

Anyone want to place bets on what will be chewed up/eaten/destroyed by the time we get back from the movie? Heh. Yes. I am also looking for a kennel for Gabriel.

Happy Friday!

8 days until vacation! 12 days until lostakasha is here!!!

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