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9 Things Wot Make Me Happy

1.Wednesday, my oldest daughter took me out to lunch and to get my very first pedicure! My toes look like they belong to someone else's body now. The name of the shop was 'Nails So Happy'! Hee! Even *that* made me laugh out loud.

2.Weather that is not ten million degrees with 1,000% humidity. And being able to walk my couch~eating dog again. Every day. He's happy. I'm happy. The couch is still ruined, but ... it was just a couch.

3.Reading fic that has been mailed to me before it's posted on LJ. And rolling around in the pretty, pretty world of talented writers.

4.Rewatching Angel. Rewatching QaF. And knowing that I would have loved each of those shows if they started today, ten years ago, next season. Stumbling through Roswell and knowing that I only own it because Jason Behr is so fucking gorgeous.

5.Sifting though downloaded vids and rediscovering Sex on Wheels. 'nuff said.

6.Two weeks to new BONES! Two weeks to new SUPERNATURAL!!!! *flails*

7.Two weeks and some days and ... lostakasha is coming to see me! Yayayay! And we'll be driving down to camp on tabaqui's porch for fun!fandom!vacation!

8.Checking out the stories and art that are popping up on fire_fiction and loving.every.word and pixel and thought behind each posting.

9.Fandom. Every One. Ats, BtVs, SGA, Supernatural ... so far?

You have given/donated/paid for art/fiction to create a total over $3,500.00 to my friend, Renee. I simply do not have words to express the complete amazement and love. From $10.00 for a drabble/fic to $200.00 for glossing to write Oz once more, sheafrotherdon who has raised $1,000 alone with her SGA stories. $50.00 for lady_t_220's original art, $20.00 for homemade chocolate truffles. And so much, much more.

*squishes you all so, so, so tight*

We're still looking for a vidder to donate services ... there are people wanting to pay ...

fire_fic will be open until October 31st. If you haven't signed up yet and are thinking about it? There is time. If you haven't checked out the people offering fic/art/food/web hosting/html coding/banners/headers/etc, etc, etc ... Go! fire_fic is your one stop shop for everything and anything you've ever wanted in your fandom.

*twirls you wildly*

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