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Renee update and yes, this is me seething ...


Whew, where to start?

First, through another co~worker, Renee has found a place to rent. It's nothing special and it still needs a fridge/stove, but by this weekend, she'll have a place to call home again. The landlady said that she would try to find Renee the appliances that she needs, so cross your fingers on that.


I can't type 'Thank You' enough. I know that my tears have not even begun to reach the quantity of Renee's but every time I open an email from someone *not* on my flist, someone on trishabooms, someone from tabaqui and someone from lostakasha that I DON'T KNOW, someone that has opened their heart and offered to help with fic for the bidding comm, with icons/graphics, with a gift card or any amount of money for the Pay Pal account I am setting up for Renee ... I'm telling you ... This place, no matter how fucked up 6A/LJ administration gets, THIS PLACE is just incredible. And that is all because of people like YOU.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Now, on to the part that I don't like. The part that made me want to scream yesterday ...

Our oh-so-wonderful Store manager told Renee yesterday that she has a manila envelope full of gift cards, checks and cash that people have given to Renee. But she can't give them to her yet.

When Renee told me this, she was calm. Dude, she is numb and any mention of gifts for her, for her boys, just sends her into another bout of crying. I, on the other hand, was FURIOUS.

I seriously hope I'm wrong, but dude, if the Store Manager is *holding* onto that money/help/wtfever because she wants to give it to Renee with a big ceremony so that she can stand there and make Renee cry AGAIN and say, 'LOOK AT ME, GIVING ALL OF THIS TO RENEE' ... I will fucking blow. Up.

I knew that some of you had emailed and asked for my store's phone #, that you'd called customer service and bought gift cards for Renee. I immediately went up and asked for the ones that I KNEW HAD COME FROM YOU. And I gave them to Renee. Without a ceremony, without anything but a, 'here, these are for you and your boys. Use them.' Because, HELLO? Isn't that the point?

I really hope that I'm wrong about the Store Manager, but I know that I'm not. I know that she is an egotistical bitch that MUST have the spotlight on her. All the time. And making Renee feel weak and broken, having her cry in front of another group of people that she knows she'll never be able to repay ... does NOT matter to her. At all.

*stabbity stab stab*

And! Someone (not me, although it was on my list of things-to-do) gave Renee's name to our local Habitat for Humanity. They called her yesterday and said that they would love to help her, that she qualifies for a SIX bedroom house. But ... they can't help her until she gets a divorce. From the husband who left her years ago, from the husband that lives between his two girlfriends and his mother's house, who has kids from those women and more and is absolutely not going to pay for a divorce from Renee because, hey! What a great excuse to NOT have to marry anyone else?! And Renee has had more pressing things to pay for, like, you know food and water and electricity and clothes and a vehicle and, man ... $250.00. That's all she needs for *that*. Hopefully we'll be able to raise enough that can be done. After the immediate concerns of food, clothes, school supplies, bedding, beds, *boggles*.


A house of her own.

I'm already excited about helping to build it. I am SO there.

More to come, very soon ... The fic comm is ready to go. I think the Pay Pal account will work.

And I read a Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Chris, (Chris/Dave) RPS last night that moved me to want to steal the ending and her Chris. A lot. Here We Make Our Stand by poisontaster. Scrumptiously Painful. And after yesterday? I'd really like to feed on that fictional angst. Because real life? Is driving me INSANE. Well, everything but YOU.

**loves hard**

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