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*cuddles flist*

To counteract the spider!spam, and yeah, Stoney's spider kicked my spider's butt ...

How about a puppy!update?

My first view of Gabriel.

And today! May I present my couch!eating, underwear!ruining, most beautimous bff.

I really, really wanted a Doberman. And if I could find a place, I would love to have Gabriel's doggie DNA run, just to find out *what* mix he is. Exactly. Because I don't see a lot of Doberman in him. heh. But wouldn't it be fun to find out?

And despite his incredible chewing/eating/destroying, his barking/yipping/whining ... I luff him. Very much. He makes me smile. He makes me walk. He climbs up in bed with me and licks my face. Which totally grosses me out, but meh, what'cha gonna do? I took him to the vet and had his balls cut off. Dude. I owe him a little bit of lee~way.


**licks you too**
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