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The obligatory SkinWalkers review, complete with screencaps courtesy of stir_of_echoes.

Friday, sixteen_letters, wyomingnot and I scampered together to a theater in KC. First showing of the movie and we were the only ones in the theater! So I was free to squeeeeeeeeeee and bounce. Not that having anyone else there would stop me ... but, you know.

I confessed to wyomingnot that I had seen the movie. Because I have very very nice friends that understand my addiction, obsession, whatever. But of course! I still had to see it on the big screen.

It was not, um, a good movie. The dialogue was stilted, the beginning is rather slow and there is too much explainyexplainy. I hate it when writers feel the need to treat the viewing public like children.

After an incredible amount of commercials and a bajillion trailers, I was beginning to think that Lionsgate *spits* had pulled the movie again. And eventually someone would come in and tell us, oh yeah ... there is no movie. Here! Have some more popcorn! But it did. finally. start ...

Now, Lisa enjoys the good!looks of Behr almost as much as I do, even if she'd never say that out loud. And wyomingnot was there mostly to laugh at my behavior. And like I said .. the movie is not anything that is going to make you *think*.


There is Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ....

This is one of my favorite moments. I LOVE those lines around his mouth. Just the very hint of a smile.

And then there is the hair ... the unshaven, scruffy cheeks and chin. And God. Can I have more leather and denim on my boy, please?

The first time we get to see his arms. Dude. The boy worked OUT. I'm impressed.

That. Smile.

Those eyes.


The big news, though?

These are the parts that you won't see in the sanitized American version. Because we, I guess, are not good enough for bare!behr.

My major complaints, besides not being able to see movie!screen!size!naked!Behr! are the editing. The lighting. The lack of good music. The writing ...

okay. I just keep thinking, in the hands of the talent here on LJ and in fandom ... what a kick!ass movie this could have been. Not that I wouldn't go see it again if anyone asked me to go. And I'm going to buy the DVD when it's released, because hey ... BEHR. OBSESSION. Hee! You have met me, right?

Bring on the Tattooist!!!!!!!!!!

**twirls you**
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