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Comfort Zones: Writing and Reading

So you write a story. A fic. Fan fic.

You write because you have to, because you can *not* write.

You live the character. You breathe with them. You speak with them. You eat with them. You bleed with them.

Jason Bourne. Angel. Max. Brian Kinney. Xander. Spike. Jack Hodgins. Giles. Buffy. Faith. Sam. Dean.

They talk to you.

And then you read a rec on your flist that drools all over a fic that someone wrote that is 'out of their Comfort Zone'

and you scratch your head.

What does that mean? Exactly?

When lady_t_220, a devoted het/any character that Hugh Jackman plays and a girl, writer ... writes Hugh Jackman/David Boreanaz ... it is incredible. Unbelievable.

Out of her comfort zone? maybe. Awesome? Absolutely.

When tabaqui steps away from Spike/Xander and Sam/Dean to play with Angel/Lindsey -- the world stops turning until it has time to read. Gravity and real life are put on hold.

As awesome as that is ... is that *out* of her comfort zone?

What is writing out of your comfort zone? What does that mean to you? Does it make your story better, your writing better? Do you work harder at it?

Does it mean more when you step outside your OTP, or your safety zone or what you are known for writing?

And as a reader ... does someone that you click on every link ... when they try something different are you intrigued or are you more inclined to skip on by and wait for their return to what you want?

Should we all expand and change and take that chance? Or is it better to stick with what we know will be consistently good?

Inquiring minds want to know.

*and as a jump-start ...

I wrote for a ficathon recently. Given my own characters of choice, I picked Angel/Lindsey. They are my OTP. I can get inside their heads with relative ease. I'd like to think that I write them with a sense of love and knowledge and admiration. But ... should I have chosen a different pairing? Should I have written, say, Spike/Xander? Which would be way out of my coupling of choice. And when asked by tabaqui as to what 'Leaving my comfort zone' would mean? I answered ... HUMOR. Ha!
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