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Is it July already? Damn. I was wondering what was up with all those freaking patriotic cookies that I keep getting on every truck at the store.

I'm bouncing with excitement to be going to the Tattoo Rendezvous with tabaqui and pretties_4u. Cat will be tattooing and Tabi will be showing off *her* tattoos. And I'll be sitting about ... talking slash and eyeing the boys the art. Seriously ... I'm going to admire the incredible skill, the bare skin, the awesome talent.


And while I'm on the subject ... imagine that there once was a time that I didn't know tabaqui. Really. I mean, I knew *of* her, come on, who doesn't? But ... there was a time that I didn't get to annoy her every day, a time when I didn't get to drive to her house and hang out, watching every movie David Boreanaz and Jason Behr have made. A time when I didn't know about her super couch of total comfort ... and a time when I didn't really have any idea who Jason Behr was ...

*weeps from the sad memories*

But then! We started chatting. At the time, we were both in an RPG and we had the kooky idea of writing something. Together. My character was not!David Boreanaz (surprise!) and hers was not!Jason Behr (who?). And it was so. much. fun that an obsession was born. We'd participated in a couple threesome/moresome threads, but nothing ever just us and our sexually challenged boys. By sexually challenged I mean that they NEVER STOPPED HAVING SEX.

It was a glorious few weeks and a rl friendship was born. But enough talking. We cleaned up our first!time thread and one after that ... total self~indulgent crack.

*smooches you right on the lips*


David Boreanaz/Jason Behr

I'm headed to the garage. Gonna take a car and go for a drive, perhaps down to the village. Play some pool. Drink some beer. Cheat some poor bastard out of his wages at poker.

Who knows?

Just looking for something to do. Something different.

On my way there, I almost run down Jason.

We catch each other, manage to not fall down and his smile is warm and welcoming. As usual.

"Going for a drive, wanna come?"

Whoa! 'Bout got knocked flat by - ah, David. I have to grin - he looks so adorable with his hair in his eyes, grabbing my arm and saying 'sorry!'

And then asking if I want to go for a drive. Immediately I have a pretty clear image of David behind the wheel and me...kind of under it, and that makes me grin even harder. And send a nice little sizzle straight to my groin.

I hold onto his arm and lift up my foot - wiggle it around. My tartan slippers are so not 'drive' gear.

"Sounds cool, dude. Let's go through the kitchen so I can grab my boots. Oh, and my coat! Good deal." David grins back and we head kitchen-wards so I can gear up.

"Sure, no problem." I follow him to the kitchen, wait as he pulls on his boots and his coat, then we go out to the garage.

I head straight for the Jaguar. Need to feel that engine roaring, need to feel the power beneath my legs. And suddenly, since I have found Jason? I feel the need to hold something in my hand, and a stick shift would work.

For now.

Ooh, nice car. It's a Jaguar - which I only know by the little leaping animal on the hood. But it's a vivid, deep green and it sits low and crouching to the ground and somehow, I can't imagine David driving anything else.

We slither in, David knocking his head once, accidentally. Then he revs the engine and I get my seat in 'slouch' mode, with the back tilted back as far as it'll go so I can just - sprawl.

David's hand is resting lightly on the stick shift - caressing it, even, and that nice little tingle in my groin just kicked up a notch to 'low burn'.

Oh, yeah, this is gonna be fun.

Pulling out of the garage, tires spinning in the gravel and somehow the stick shift is just not doing it for me.

I reach over without looking, keeping my eyes on the road. Run my fingers up Jason's thigh. He's all sprawled out on the seat beside me. Tilted back, watching the trees go by. We're in the top gear now and I'm just cruising, hold the wheel with my legs and light a cigarette, cracking the window to let the smoke out. My hand riding higher on Jason's leg, glancing over to smile at him.

Twice we've been together and yet I still haven't had this boy. Still haven't tasted his cock. Still haven't felt him in my arms.

Time to rectify that.

My fingers move up to the waistband of his jeans, popping buttons and sliding against his skin.

Ooh, fingers. Warm, big - clever. Niiice. Wow. He's driving with his knees.

And he's popping open my jeans, one two threefour and skin 'cause underwear is for...people who aren't getting pounded into the mattress on a regular basis.

I return the favor, reaching over and rubbing the muscles of his thigh - kneading into the crease of his groin and tugging at buttons and zip... He's warm, nicely big there, too and -

"Nice, dude, niice -" I say as his fingers curl around my cock and squeeze, just a little. And I've seen him fuck and I've seen him be fucked by Jon's fist but - I haven't had this fine body in me once. Looks like that's going to change. And yes, I can get harder as the thought of David pushing into me gets that low smolder stoked right up to raging fire.

Wrapping my fingers around his cock as I drive, pulling and twisting. Skin hot and hard in my palm. Making me want him, want to taste him, want to fuck him.

Full speed, baby, hope there aren't any deer in the road. Hope there aren't any people in the road.

And now Jason has got his hand on my dick and I'm biting down on the filter of my cigarette as his hand moves over me. Fuck, yes. That feels good.

Might not make it to the village. Might just have to stop along the side of the road here and take care of this. Take the edge off, because my mouth is watering and the little noises he makes as I pull and twist on his cock? Are fucking killing me.

Whoa, flying here. Jesus. I'm not a fast-car kind of person but it's damn fun, especially with David's hand doing - Christ! that.

"Fuck yeah," I mutter, and wish there were more room in his jeans for my hand. I wonder if I could fit under the wheel...

"Does that wheel tilt up, David? Cause I'd love to get my mouth around you..."

Wow - look. All the pretty gold-and-purple-and-crimson sunset clouds are revolving, just a bit. Didn't know you could stop a car that fast.

Mouth. Cock. Mine. Jason.

Okay. Stopping now. Brakes applied and thank god for new tires and good traction. Slipping the car into neutral, pulling the emergency brake on, tilting the steering wheel back and smiling over at Jason. My fingers moving over his dick just a little faster. I flick my cigarette out the window and turn in the soft leather of the seat.

"Sounds fucking great to me."

Damn, sexy smile and clever fingers... I wiggle around until I'm more or less across the console and lying over his thigh - take a look at what I'm about to suck - push his jeans back with my hands and then dip down and lick.

Tastes good - tastes like cream and spice and I spend a little time probing into the slit at the tip, getting every bit of the slippery-warm fluid there.

I cup one hand around his balls and tug gently, and then I get the tip into my mouth and suck - not too hard. Just flickering my tongue all around, biting down gently, bobbing a little.

Holding him in my lips and shaking my head a little, like a dog with a bone. He fills my mouth up nicely and I lick a few more times then slide lower, taking in more. Mmmm...that was a nice little noise...

Oh fuck yeah.

And how did I know that Jason had a mouth made for sucking my cock?

I arch my back, make a little more room in my jeans as his mouth teases me. Slide my hands down his back to the nape of his neck. Feel all that long, silky hair falling around my fingers. Groaning, growling as he takes more inside. Looking down to watch, and Jesus, he's so pretty. His lips sliding around my cock, tongue licking out and oh yeah, those fingers reaching around my balls, pulling gently.

"Oh, yeah. Jason. That's very nice." I think I'm fucking purring while I'm talking.

He is such a fucking cat - his voice all purring and low...big, warm, tasty cat. Jaguar. I almost make myself laugh at the thought and instead pull off slooowly, sucking hard the whole way. Then I look up at him, smiling a little.

"Nice, huh? You like?" I slide a finger into my mouth, watching him - getting myself good and wet. Then I put my lips around the tip of his cock again and let my wet finger trail over his balls - push under into heat, searching.

And finding. I push into him just a little - shallow fuck as I go down further on his cock, letting my tongue push and lick over the head as I suck down.

His hands, heavy and possessive on my neck feel...fucking good...and my inner slut is very, very happy. I know my own hips are moving in the leather seat of the car, searching for friction and I moan a little around David and push my finger in a little deeper.

Watching Jason as he pulls back, slips a finger in his mouth. That smile, those eyes looking back at me. Then his mouth is back on my cock, his finger trailing down behind my balls, pushing inside and my eyes are rolling back in my head.

I reach down, flip the catch on my seat. Let it fall all the way back, feeling Jason's hips moving as he pulls and sucks, teeth scraping, finger pushing deeper and I need more. Need him.

Steam covers the windows, hiding us and it's getting darker, the trees hidden in the gloom. The road gone. It's just us in this space, the sound of our breathing, little sighs and moans, growls and purrs. The slip of his mouth on my cock, the pressure of his finger inside of me. So fucking good. And why didn't I take an SUV with a back seat? Fuck. Then his mouth moves again and it doesn't matter. I'll have him. Sooner or later. Taste that boy all over.

But right now, my hips are lifting off the soft leather of the seat. My back is arching into Jason and my hands run over his body, tangle in his hair. Breath hissing between my teeth.

He's sprawling back now - the seat almost flat and his thigh holding me up and ... fuck, stupid steering wheel. If there was room I'd just shuck my jeans and climb aboard but that's not gonna happen in here.

Oh, fuck yeah, inner slut likes David, a whole lot.

I push and pull and crook my finger - pull out and carefully push two back in, letting the tight heat suck them in while my mouth sucks - my tongue laps and presses and dances. His salt-creamy taste is so fucking good and I want him to come - want to taste him for real.

I know I'm arching and humping like a cat in heat but I don't care. I moan around David's cock and suck him deeper and push with my two fingers, right there - staccato presspresspress and his hips are riding up, his breathing is getting hoarse and his hands are in my hair, tugging.

So fucking good.

Jason's finger moves in and out of me, making me gasp and moan. His mouth on my cock, sucking me in deeper. And then he's got two fingers in me, curving them up, that scrape and presspresspress and I'm fucking coming. Hard.

No holding back. Wouldn't even think of it. Just tripping in the swirling oblivion of his mouth. Letting him drink me down and not thinking twice about it.

And all I'm thinking about, in the back of my head is that I'm so going to fuck this boy. Soon. Hard. And into the next freaking week. Gonna rock his world.

But right now? I'm gonna ride with wave out and just try to remember to breathe.

Mmmmm, yeah - god. Shudder and arch and gasping breath and that cream-salt flavor floods my mouth, warm and good. His body tight around my fingers and I just ride out his orgasm - letting him pull at my hair - choke me just a little.

Press into the console, my cock aching and wanting and fuck...

When he finally lets out a deep breath - sigh - I slowly pull out - pull off - licking any traces of his come off - sucking lightly on the head for just a moment as he shivers with the after-shock. Then I'm sitting back, bracing on his thigh - grinning at him in the near-darkness of the car.

"You taste damn good," I tell him, and slither forward far enough to catch his mouth in a kiss.

I catch Jason under the arm, pull him over on me and kiss him. Taste myself on his lips, on his tongue, mixed with his own flavor. And yeah, it's good. But I want so much more from him. Fucking getting hard again just thinking about it. I want to take him where he's never been. Want to make him whimper and beg, but, that will have to wait.

Right now, I want to get to the pub and drink beer. Play pool and tease this boy until he's ready to come in his jeans from just my smile.

I kiss Jason again, licking my tongue across his top lip. Sucking on the bottom one and biting it gently. Then pushing him back in his seat, grazing his hard cock with my fingers.

"Let's get to the bar. Then we'll have to do something about that." I smile, dragging my thumb over the top of his cock and bringing it up to my mouth. The taste of him rolls around on my tongue.

"Fuck, David..." I watch him suck my taste off his thumb - watch him smile, his dark eyes glinting in the dash-lights. Promising me...all kinds of good. My inner slut is ready to just lay down, belly up and legs spread. Give him whatever he wants.

"How far away is this pub, anyway?" I ask, trying not to sound too pitiful and wondering if I can get myself back into my jeans - wondering if I'll be able to think, let alone walk when we get there.

And David, that bastard, is just grinning as he puts the car in gear and rockets on down the road. Fuck me.

I park haphazardly. Don't really give a shit at this moment. We're here and that's all that matters. Slipping the keys in my pocket and climbing out, making sure I'm tucked back in, zipped up. Well, for as long as that will last. Glance over the hood of the Jag at Jason. I'm so fucking him over this car sometime tonight.

We head into the pub and I order us both beers, with a bottle of whiskey. Might as well go the whole way. Pay for everything, then move over to the table that Jason snagged when we walked in,

"Hope you're thirsty." I hand him his beer and smile. Sitting down next to him, running my hand under the table and over his crotch. Just to feel the heat of that hard cock trapped under denim again.

The pub's not too crowded, which is probably a good thing since these jeans are old and the only thing that's keeping me from showing just how hard I am to the entire room is the tails of my flannel shirt.

I grab a little table and sit down, legs apart to ease the ache of my cock in my jeans and here comes David, flushed and fucking gorgeous and handing me a beer - putting down a bottle of whiskey and - fucking hell, grabbing my cock under the table!

"Oh, man...fuck..." I know I moaned that, but Jesus - I'm so hard! And he's just grinning at me - taking a sip of his beer. Two can play that game.

I lean back in my seat, wiggling a little lower - spreading my legs a little wider. Unbutton my flannel so my wifebeater shows. My nipples are pebbled - stark under the thin material and I lazily rub a hand over my chest.

"Warm in here," I say. Sip the beer. Nudge his thigh with my knee. Try not to whimper as he presses his palm flat to my cock. I'm...probably not gonna win this game. I can live with that.

Oh fuck. Jason's unbuttoning his shirt, touching his chest and I'm pressing the palm of my hand on his cock, thinking that yeah, this might be another night the locals talk about. Because I'm not in the least embarrassed. I lean over and kiss him, the sharp tang of beer on his lips.

"Jason, touch yourself like that again? And I'm fucking you right here. In public. On the table." Then sitting back and taking a long drink of my beer. "Just sayin'."

And how much do I like the way he smiles and blushes? The way his throat moves as he drinks down the beer, lips on the bottle that were just on my cock. The hint of tongue peeking out around the glass and I have to have some whiskey. Right the fuck now. Chewing on my bottom lip just to concentrate on what I'm doing.

"Enjoying your stay at the castle?" I ask with a smile.

Jesus fucking Christ.
Really? Right here, on the table? I lick my lips, tasting beer and David and thinking that over.

Get a drink myself, as he just looks at me, and his hand is still on my cock, for fuck's sake, and...

*Blink. Blink* 'Am I enjoying my stay at the castle?'

"Dude. You are a bastard. Yeah, I'm having a hell of a good time. But I've got a question..." I sit up, putting my beer on the table and leaning close, both hands on David's thigh.

"So, if I touch myself again you're just gonna fuck me right here, huh? Bend me over - yank my jeans down - shove your cock into my ass and pound me through the tabletop, right?" His eyes are dark again - half-lidded and his color is high - his scent is coming to me, musky-salty-rich, fucking intoxicating. He nods, silent.

"So - what are you gonna do if I do...this?" And I reach over and shove my hand right down the waist of his jeans - find his cock and squeeze, just hard enough.

Fuck me, he is so damn hard...

Jason's hands on my thighs, his eyes staring right at me. And I have to smile.

"No, Jason. Touch yourself again and I'm going to pick you up and lay you back on this table. Pull off your jeans and pull your ankles up to my neck. Push my cock inside of your tight ass, fucking bend you in half. Fuck you with my tongue at the same time I'm fucking you with my dick. Don't give a shit if half the town sees my bare ass while I'm inside of you. Because at that moment? That is all that will matter to me."

And I'm arching up into his hand, not breaking the stare between us at all, but fuck his fingers are hot and his palm is tight and yeah, we were supposed to be here to play some pool, drink some beer and then I was going to fuck him over the Jag.

Ah, hell. I'm nothing but flexible in my plans for the evening.

Okay, so. My mom always told me I didn't have the sense god gave a goat. And my very first boyfriend left me when I took a dare to get a job in acting and ended up on a shoot in Mexico for three months without him.

I just...can't help myself, sometimes and the promise in David's eyes is making my stomach flutter and my cock literally throb and I can see it so clearly that I have to catch my breath - take a slow drink of my beer.

Inner slut? This one's for you.

I put my bottle down - undo the last two buttons on my shirt and drape it over the chair-back. Then I lean back, sprawling in the chair - sliding down a little. Untuck my wifebeater so that a good six inches of stomach shows, and lazily stroke my hand over my belly - my ribs. Ghost my other fingers over my nipples, my eyes involuntarily closing for just a moment as I touch them.

Don't say a word - nothing to say - I'm pretty sure my expression says it all.


I watch as Jason's hand moves down his chest, pulls his shirt up and he touches himself. Tanned skin, rough fingers. His eyes close, and that's all it takes.

I stand up, pulling Jason out of his chair and up onto the table, moving the whiskey off to the side, because damn, I paid for that. But this ass? Is so mine. Yank his jeans down to his ankles and spread his legs with my thighs. Move down between his knees, suck his cock into my mouth. Hard and fast, just wetting him down, feeling his hips arch up into my mouth as I open my own pants. My fingers on my cock, wet, dripping already with lust.

Moving up Jason's chest with my mouth, pausing at his nipples. Biting and licking and growling. Then up to his mouth, sinking my tongue in at the same time I push my cock inside of him. The beer bottles rattling on the table as I move against him, into him. Hot and tight and he feels so fucking good. Swallowing his groans, his breath with my mouth. Pushing deeper. Wanting more.

His body arches against mine as I thrust into him. My hands press his shoulders to the table. Holding him down, keeping him in place. The back of my brain laughing, 'lube? We don't need no stinking lube.' And judging by the way Jason is moving against me, pulling my cock inside of him, yeah. Not really an issue. I can tell why Jon was so eager to bring him back to our room the other night.

My hand moves down between us and I wrap my fingers around his cock. Pulling, jerking in time with my hips. Take my lips off of his just long enough to ask,

"Pool or darts after this? I'm pretty good at both." Biting my tongue, the insides of my cheeks, and knowing that yeah, I'm not going to be allowed out of the castle for a few weeks, a few months when word of this gets back to Robin.

Burning hot pushslidepushin, fuck yeah and fucking god, he's big. And the friction and sting of no lube makes it that much sweeter. He's all over me - in me - kissing and touching and jerking me off - fucking me so hard the table's moving - the beer bottles are clinking together and then hitting the floor.

I'm arching up into the best that I can, pinned by his hips, his hands, his mouth. Fuck, fuck - so fucking good. Heavy and hot; cat, jaguar, fucking warm-bodied snake and my hand is gripping the edge of the table hard enough to hurt - the other is on his hip, pulling him closer. My legs around his ribs, jeans across his back and my ankles locked - knees spread as wide as they can go.

I only want it deeper. Want it harder. Don't care.

"Fuckin'...darts are a - dangerous weapon in m-my hands... Jesus, David -" He kisses me again, fucking my mouth as hard as my ass and I bite at his tongue - at his lips - suck at him mouth and whine down in my throat when he pulls back - when he shifts his hips and hits me right in the sweet spot.

"Right - there, god, there - David - harder, fuck -" I don't care how I sound - don't care if the whole village is lined up buying tickets. Just...want...more.

Feels like the room is spinning around me, everything moving but Jason and this table. His legs wrapped around my back, ankles kicking each time I pull out and push in, twisting my hips to hit that spot at least every other time. Gotta love the noise he makes each time I do.

I slide my hands under his shoulders, pick him up off the table and fall back into the wall. Leaning against it, our movements short and tight. Jason having to lift up off of me, then fall back down. Moving my hands down again to his hips, fingers pushing into his skin, bruising him. My mouth on his neck, sucking on his skin. Tasting sweat and clover honey as he arches his back and fucking rides me like we're at the carnival and he wants full value for his hard earned ticket.

Fuck, picked me up. The joys of fucking someone bigger... When his shoulders hit the wall I just about scream, 'cause that jolts him that much deeper into me.

*God, god, god*

I've got my arms wound around his neck and I'm straining up - slamming down - riding him with everything I've got.

Gonna have bruises on my hips shaped like his hands and he's mouthing my neck and probably leaving more marks there but it's all just a part of the electric-shock zap that surges through me every time that beautiful cock slams balls-deep into me.

I put my face down into his neck - sweat and smoke and creamy spice - and bite and suck. Doesn't do a thing to muffle the noises I'm making but I don't actually care. My cock is being rubbed along his shirt and belly at ever lift and fall and it's good but it's not quite enough and it's driving me crazy.


"Something you need, Jason?" I slow his rise and fall with my hands on his hips. Push him down, buried deep inside. Move him side to side, just a bit. Just enough to make him bite his lip.

My back braced on the wall, my legs anchoring me, my jeans down around my ankles. Jason's hands on my shoulders and his mouth on my neck and I could fuck him all night long. Anywhere.

A picture frame falls to the floor beside us and I seal my mouth over his, kissing him hard. Moving him up and down and up and down, then stopping and pulling my mouth off of his again, my dick twitching inside of him.

"All you have to do is ask, Jason. All you have to do is ask."

And no, I haven't noticed that the pub has gone completely silent around us. Fuck, I wouldn't notice if someone was selling tickets. Hawking the floor show that we are creating.

*Ask...ask...ask what, now?* My brain's not exactly up to coherent thought at the moment and David's hands are just...holding me and keeping me still and...

*Not fucking me...that's what I'm...* His cock moves inside me, insistent throb and twitch and...

"Jesus, I - n-need - just fuck me, I - " I manage a deep breath and finally see him instead of the spangled dimness of the pub and he's got a little smile on his face and a love-bite on his neck and I lick my lips and squeeze around him.

"Wanna come, David - make me come - fuck me raw and make me come screaming-"

Hooray for the inner slut, he always knows what to say.

"Got no problem doing that, Jason. No problem at all." Fuck, make him come screaming. Okay. Might be the first time tonight, but it sure as hell won't be the last.

I turn us so that Jason's back is against the wall and I'm pressing into him, deeper, balls to groin. Growling against his neck as I start moving my hips, curving up, twisting. Fast here. Slow there. Find that spot that makes his fingers dig in to my muscles just a little tighter.

Feeling the clench of him around my cock, the heat and the burn. The tight squeeze of no lube and just my precome making it slick at all. Sweat dripping out of my hair, running down my back. Breathing fast and hot, tasting the smoke and old beer flavor of the air on my tongue.

"Jesus, Jason . . . you're so fucking tight. So hot."

The old paneling of the wall is slick and cool under my back - hard under my head where my skull thumps off it, but fuck it. It gives me something to brace against and push against and I'm clenching down tight every time David thrusts in 'cause that stinging, stretching, pressure of his cock stutter-gliding into me is so fucking fine I just want...more of it. More push, more burn, more everything.

My hands are digging into his back - into his shoulders - and sweat is stinging my eyes and I can feel my hair sticking to my neck and my cheeks and fuck fuck fuck, I'm tight? He's big, and it never mattered too much before but just now big is exactly what I want. I manage to catch my breath long enough to kiss him - suck his tongue and bite his lip and then I have to pull away and gasp into his hair.

"C'mon, David - fuck - c'mon, s-sso fucking close..."

Jason's voice almost sends me over the edge. Biting my lip, kissing him, thinking of baseball stats. Fuck me. Anything other that the tighthotclench that surrounds my cock. The legs wrapped around me. The warm mouth that just keeps moving over my face and my neck.

Then I just give in and reach between us, grab his cock. Wrap my fingers around it and pull, twist, yank at the same pace that I'm pushing into him. Making my fist an echo of my cock, of my hips.

"Come on then, Jason. Let me feel it. Come hard. Come now." Whispering just above his ear, licking as I talk. Gritting my teeth. Pushing further into him, each thrust leading me somewhere new. Hitting a higher plateau every time.

Jesus fucking god, David's hand on me is like a heated vise - pulling, twisting, pumping in time to hips and his voice in my ear, growling, telling me 'come hard come now'.

His cock is hitting me just exactly right with every pushing, twisting thrust and it's like being in a bath full of tonic water or something - every inch of my skin is tingling, buzzing, rippling with pleasure and I brace my back and clamp my legs tight and just fuck myself on David's cock - pull back and jackhammer down, meeting him with a sharp slap of flesh on flesh and his hand is moving faster and his mouth is on my jaw and he's whispering and twisting and fuckfuckfuck -

When I come it's like fire and ice and needles from head to toe and Jesus Christ, that's my voice, screaming, and thank fucking god I can't actually form coherent sentences or even words because I'd probably embarrass myself.

So. Fucking. Good.

Oh shit. All of a sudden this has gone from me fucking Jason to Jason fucking me. Hard. Riding my cock like it's some kind of pogo stick. Hot and tight and Jesus when Jason comes I'm locked in him, in a vise. My head falls back and I'm fucking howling at the intensity of it. Of him.

Short, hard thrusts up. Just enough to fill him, just enough to spill into him. Feel my come suddenly lubricate and slick us and I can slide in and out of Jason now. Push deep, pull until the tight ring of his ass clenches around the head of my cock and go back.

Fuck. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Don't scream again.

Slow and stop and hold him there against the wall. Lean forward and kiss him, eat his mouth, his tongue. Teeth on teeth. He meets every kiss with one of his own. Pushes my head back with his own and I have to smile.

"Next time, Jason. You fuck me." I tighten my fingers around his cock, "I want to feel this inside of me."

Then I'm letting him down and pulling up my pants, buttoning them closed and yeah...would that be the local law enforcement guys waiting for us to be finished?


Trying to breathe, trying to hold on, trying not to just fall apart, here, and David comes with a keening howl and suddenly I'm slick inside, and his last few thrusts glide, slippery-shivery and fuck me, that feels as good as the other.

Then he's kissing me - trying to consume me - and I'm kissing back as hard as I can, wanting as much of his warm, wet, hops-and-mint flavor as I can get.

'Next time' he says, and oh. Fuck. Me. In that ass? Anyfuckingtime.

He finally slides out of me and it almost hurts to be that empty and thank god for walls 'cause my legs are just not working quite like they should. It takes me a minute to catch my breath and then I manage to get my jeans up and buttoned.

David - is frozen. I peer around his side and - oh wow. Look at that. Police officers. I poke David in the ribs.

"Dude. I am so gonna be your prison-bitch - I'm too short to go to jail!"

So now Jason and I are in the local village's jail. Sitting in the small cell. Bars on the windows, bars around us. Nothing like being in a cage. There aren't many people in here. A couple drunks, some punks across that badly need dental work and us.

Sitting on the small bunk, waiting for the officer to come back and give us our phone call. They'd treated us very well, once I told them where we were staying. Apparently Robin in some kind of local celebrity. Almost apologized for arresting us, but yeah, fucking on pub tables, stripping down and slamming each other against walls, just not proper public decorum.

Sighing and looking over at Jason and fuck me, if even in jail the boy looks delectable. I lean over and kiss him, lick up the side of his face.

"Got some time to kill, until they decide to let us call home. So you know, we could sit here. Do nothing. Or we could think of something to do to entertain ourselves. Just sayin'."

Then I lean back, smiling.

Wow. Jail. It's cleaner then jails in the US, but also older and pretty much open, rather than closed-off, room-type cells.

David's leaning there, smiling - saying we could 'entertain' ourselves. Sprawled out like a damn panther, again, looking entirely too fuckin' sexy for his own good. I can think of a few entertaining things... I haul myself up and climb on David - straddle his lap and put my forearms on his shoulders and kiss him back - take my time. Do my best to leave him breathless.

"You said - next time you want me to fuck you," I say finally. "This 'next time'?" And I grind my hips down, feeling the solid bar of David's erection pressing into mine. Love a guy with the turn-around time of a teenager. Maybe it is the water...

I arch my hips up, lifting Jason off the small cot and smile.

"This can be the next time, the first time, the fifty fucking thousandth time. Just as long as I get to feel that cock," I slide my hand down between us and squeeze the hard bulge I find in my fingers, "inside of me."

Moving my hand up his back and pulling him down on me, kissing him until I hear the sound of a throat being cleared at the gate of our cell. I pull away and see an officer standing there, holding out a portable phone.

"Hold that thought." I lift Jason off of me, stand up and take the phone. Dial a number.

"Marc, um, if I'm not interrupting anything, do you think you can find Jon and come down to the village? Jason and I, well, um, we are in jail." I hold the phone out from my head, smiling over at Jason then pull it back. "Yeah, well, we need to get bailed out. Something about public indecency. I don't know. Foreign countries. Bizarre laws. Just get here as soon as you can. With Jon."

Then I click the off key and hand it back to the cop. Turn back to Jason,

"Looks like the cavalry is on the way. Now what were you saying about next times?"

I sprawl there on the bunk, watching him. Doing a slow rub of my hand across my belly, rucking my wifebeater up and dipping my fingers in the waist of my jeans.

"Next times? Oh, yeah - gonna be as many 'next times' as I can arrange... But right now I think I want you to come over here and suck me...get me nice and wet..."

I'd like to do the 'up against the wall' thing, but at the moment I have a very strong vision of him kneeling between my thighs and that slow-smiling mouth wrapping around my cock.

"Marc pissed?" I ask, afterthought as I watch him panther-prowl back toward me. The punks across the way are taking an interest, but the drunks seem a bit too out of it to care.

Oh yeah. I can see that, fucking taste that.

"Marc is not thrilled, to put it mildly. Can't wait 'til he gets here with Jon. I have to thank him for introducing you to me. He was right about everything he said about you."

I lean down over Jason and kiss him again, slide my mouth down the front of his shirt, catching the material in my teeth until I come to his bare flesh. Then my teeth find his warm skin, my tongue licking, tasting him. And here all the time I thought that sweet jelly and tart jam flavor was because of Jon and the basket of goodies. Apparently not. Must just be a natural thing.

Leaving hot, wet kisses down his abdomen, unbuttoning his pants and pulling them out of the way of my mouth as I go lower. Finding the head of his hard cock with my lips and licking through the slit, teeth circling the head, tongue pressing into the bundle of nerves just under the lip of it. Pressing my tongue flat against the vein that is pulsing up from the base and moving down.

Yeah, sweettarts and candy, hard rock sex.

*What he said about me?* Have to ask later, 'cause right now David is doing his best to make me incoherent. Again. Hot, wet mouth down my body - onto my cock - tongue fluttering and pushing, teeth doing the merest scrape and nip.

I push my fingers back through his hair, cupping his scalp - scraping lightly with my nails and just holding - cradling.

"Nice...nice and wet so you can climb up here and straddle me - so I can push right into you... Wanna watch you ride me - wanna watch your back arch and your body flush... Wanna watch you come - wanna taste it..."

Climb up here? Has Jason seen the size of me? Compared to him?

I smile up at him and lick the end of his cock, "Jason, dude, in the interest of my own health and what the boys at the castle would do to me if I crushed you while you were fucking me? You think of something else, that won't crack your pelvis and I'll just keep doing this . . ."

Reaching under Jason's hips with my hands and lifting him up, sucking his cock down and tasting him at the back of my throat. Feeling the quiver that runs through his body as I scrape my teeth back up to the head again.

"Got any ideas?"

"Stronger than I look, dude...but yeah, actually, I...ahhh..." I have to stop for a minute and catch my breath 'cause he's doing...something damn nice down there and fuck fuck, lifting me up and sucking me down and... The temptation to fuck his mouth is so strong but I wanna fuck that ass, so...

*C'mon, brain...*

"You're a little too tall for up-against-the-wall fucking but you're just right for down-on-you-knees-in-the-bunk fucking. Don't ya think?"

I stand up, unbutton my jeans and let them drop to the floor. Keeping my eyes on Jason, a smile curving my lips.

"I think you're right. And I think if you don't get up, move over and get busy?" Wrapping my fingers around my own cock, hard again, pulling back the skin and biting down on my bottom lip at the heat that runs through me. "I'll just have to pick you up again. Because you are just the right size for up against those iron bars fucking. Just perfect."

Oooooh...fuck. More temptation and I'm supposed to make actual decisions when he does stuff like that? I'm pretty sure I just sort of wobble off into a happy little world for a moment but Inner Slut is jumping up and down like a weasel on speed so - right!

"Jesus, David - get your ass down here." I manage to scramble up and get my jeans out of the way while he's kneeling down - spreading his thighs and Christ - he's got a fine ass. They took the laces out of my boots so I just kick 'em off and do the same to my jeans 'cause I wanna be able to really enjoy this.

I lean forward and run my hands over David's ass - run my tongue from his balls to the top of the crease - once, twice - three times. He dips his head and pushes back a little and I stand up - rub the tip of my cock up and down, pushing lightly at his opening.

"You know..." I say, pushing a little harder - just getting the tip into him and then stopping. "If you can keep yourself from coming -" I push in a little more - twist my hips a little, searching for and then - oh yeah - finding that hot spot. Christ, he's tight.

"Keep yourself from coming and you can fuck me up against those bars all you like," I say.

And power right on in, tip to root in one solid push, his ass hot and tight against my hips and his head coming up, his mouth opening on a sound that could be a growl. I run my nails up his back, under his shirt. Twist and flex and then fucking, good solid rhythm and right there, again and again and again.

"Think you could manage that?" Maybe not nice, but the thought is making me extra-hard...can't be too bad...

Shoes pushed off, jeans gone. Kneeling on the small cot and fuck me Jason's warm tongue running up the crack of my ass. I bend back into him, wanting more of that, please. Now.

Then the head of his cock is sliding, pushing against me and just inside and he stops. Saying something about not coming. Pushing in just a little further, a twist of his hips and a shudder runs through me. Good fucking thing I'm not listening to him.

Jason slams all the way in, I feel the heat of his hips on my ass and he's buried inside of me and I'm clenching my jaw at the sharp fucking so goddamn good pain that flashes through me. Filling me up. Pulling back and doing it again and again, adjusting so he's running over just the right spot every time, fingers digging into my back.

I growl, start meeting every thrust, wanting, craving that big, hard cock of his, needing that rush. The no lube, spit wet slip of his dick. Skin pulling and fists clenched.

And I'm supposed to not come?

The boy is on crack.

Not even with restraints. Not even with the cool steel of chains on my wrists. Not even with the threat of flogging or leather cutting into my skin. Because Jason is hitting that sweet spot every fucking time with his cock and I'm clenching down on him, pushing back, picturing holding him up against those cold black bars, his hands back, slippery with sweat, trying to get a grip while I fuck hard into him.

Oh. Yeah. I'm so not going to be able to hold out for that one.

Not this time, at least.

Sexy fucking noises coming out of David's mouth - sexy ass pushing back at me, clenching down hard - slick-raspy pushpull of my cock in him, fucking sweet.

I want to feel more of him so I'm running my hands all over his ass - leaning up to feel his back against my chest and licking - pushing his shirt up, biting at the thick muscles along his ribs.

And just fucking, hard and good and deep as I can. Dimly I can hear the punks whooping and yelling but...

Feels so good, and I'm getting so close. I slide my hand around and get David's cock in my fist - start jacking him. He's slippery with pre-come and sweat from his belly and he smells so fucking good - tastes good in my mouth and feels -

"Gonna feel so good to come in you, David..."

I'm doing good, hanging on by fingertips to the edge of the cliff. Ass clenched, concentrating on pushing back, pulling forward. Letting the burn of Jason's cock in my ass drive my mind right around the bend. Ignoring the punks in the next cell, not thinking about the smell rising up the cot or whether Marc and Jon are going to be pissed off or laughing their asses off at having to come bail us out and pick us up.

Doing good. Until Jason reaches down and grabs my cock. Starts slipping his fingers up and down in time with his thrusts. His mouth biting into my back, talking about coming inside of me and Jesus, fuck. That's all it takes.

I'm coming. Spilling out over his hand, grunting. My hips snapping back, eyes closing. Unintelligible words falling out of my mouth.

Gasping for air, fingers tearing the cheap mattress and Jason just keeps thrusting into me, riding the wave that starts at my toes and goes to my forehead, then back again.

"Damn, Jason. Fuck." And I'm pushing back into him, straightening up, reaching behind me and grabbing his hips, pulling him deeper as the last of the orgasm trips through my body.

Yes, fucking yes! David's orgasm is like a full-body shudder that just won't quit, and he's spasming down so tight around me it's almost impossible to keep moving. Hot and sticky-slick over my hand, and then he's up on his knees, grabbing my ass and pulling me in that much deeper.

Can't hold back myself, not a moment longer and I slam in tight and hard, twisting shift of my hips and my own orgasm like that rush you get flying down the first hill of a roller-coaster.

Head in the clouds somewhere and body just floating, sparks of fire flaring through my belly and my cock and David's skin salty-sweet under my mouth, his hands holding me so tight against him, his belly slippery under my hand and both of us panting like a bellows.

The noises of the jail gradually come back, fading in over the ringing in my ears and I hear the punks in the next cell still cat-calling - having a damn fine time, apparently. My legs are trembling and I just let myself drape over David as he eases himself back down onto the bunk.

I nip at his earlobe and put a wet kiss on the side of his throat. "Christ that was good."


Good times. Diversion ~ Part Duex and Collection of a Debt coming up ...
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