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Kink!fun #8 and 9 ~ NC/17

for sockkpuppett
100 words

Let's Make a Deal

“Come on, Dean.”

“I’m tired, Sam.”


“I’m not in the mood.”

“You’re always in the mood.”

“Fuck off.”

“Just once. I’ll leave you alone. Promise.”

“I’ve heard that before.”

“I need it, Dean.”

“You say that every time.”

“I’ll -- owe you one.”




“One, Dean.”

“Two. That’s my final offer.”

“Fine. Okay, two. Make me beg, why don’t you.”

“Oh, you will be.”

Dean rolled over and the press of his hard cock against Sam’s thigh as he slid down the sheets gave away his desire.

Sam closed his eyes and laughed softly.



for brandil
Seeley Booth/Brian Kinney
Uniform Kink!
300 Words

A Walk Off the Plane

He’d gotten off the plane hours ago. He couldn’t bring himself to go home. He hadn’t told them he was coming, so no one had been waiting. His discharge papers were wrinkled and folded in the front pocket of his dress uniform.

He left his duffle in a locker at the airport and sat in the back of a cab until the driver told him that his shift was over. He got out on a random street and walked in the dark, his boots as silent here on pavement as they were in the sand and rock of the desert.

The city soaked into him slowly. A car backfiring made him flinch and the sound of people laughing as they poured around him was strange. Different. Men leaving clubs, entering bars, standing on street corners and kissing, groping … Seeley finally realized where he was, where he’d ended up.

“Looking for something special?”

A half turn and Seeley was looking into bloodshot hazel eyes with pupils that were blown wide by drugs. Strands of sandy long hair around a face that contained a smile that said ‘I can take you to the moon without your feet ever leaving the ground.’.

Seeley felt the corners of his mouth curve, his mind turned completely off. Parents. Relatives. Friends. Finding a job, finding a place to live, finding his fucking soul … that could wait.

This was what he needed.

He was young, just out of school and Seeley felt ancient in comparison. He’d seen too much, done too much. Gone too far.

“Might be.”

“Nice outfit. The medals real?”

Seeley felt the slide of fingers under the seam of his jacket. The press of warmth against the smooth dark material that covered his hardening cock.

“Does it matter?”

“Not at all.”

*twirls you*
Tags: drabbles, ficlet, qaf, sam/dean, seeley/brian, supernatural
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