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kink!fun #6 and 7 ~ NC/17

for roxymissrose
100 words

The Earring

“The earring’s new.”

Angel should have been walking to the door. Should have felt the metal under his fingers.

He shouldn’t be standing here, staring at silver and turquoise flashing behind long hair. He had things to do. A business to run. An evil empire to bring down.


To its knees.

“Kinda fit with the tatts.”

Instead of the cold of the doorknob, Angel touched silk and heat.

“Still the bad-ass?”

Lindsey’s lips moved under Angel’s thumb when he smiled. Neither of them closed their eyes when they kissed. They never had.

“Still like to bite my bad ass?”

and for femmenerd
Pushy Bottom
200 words

I Have to Know

“I have to know.” She giggled and Max couldn’t even pretend to be shocked.

They were drunk. Not fucked up, falling down drunk. Not yet. Simply loosened tongues and blurred vision drunk. Sitting too close on Michael’s couch, in Michael’s apartment. Missing the ones that they loved with a passion that ached and way too turned on by the heat of each other’s bodies.

“Alien sex, Max. I have to know if it was Michael or if it’s just what you are.”

Max took another drink out of the plastic cup. Champagne and no food. Even being half human did not keep him from feeling the effects. He struggled to hold onto his rationality.

But her lips looked so fucking soft.

“This is not good, Maria.”

“Come on, Max … who’s gonna know?”

She was already pulling him down, even as she spoke. Licking the corners of his mouth, pulling his T-shirt up over his shoulders. She felt so fucking different. Not Liz. Not Tess. She was rounder, taller. She fit under him.

Hotter. Wilder.

White teeth that snapped and fingers that encouraged. That needed.

That demanded.

“Come on, Maxwell. Do it … show me … I have to know.”

Tags: angel/lindsey, ats, drabbles, ficlets, max/maria, roswell
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