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Recs and Joy

Such a day of happiness.

We started the first overnight cake decorating thing, and it worked out wonderfully. Saturday is no longer my nemesis. Amazing how nice it is to decorate when it's one a.m. and there are no customers, and more importantly, no MANAGER to annoy me. And then I get the rest of the day to play and read and write ...

I've been running about YouTube, watching Lindsey vids and dude ... if I only had million dollars, I would so buy sockkpuppett's talent and ask her to do Angel/Lindsey vids for me all day long.

So far, and I'm sparing you the horrors of the rest... this is the best I've found and I really like it. It's so funny that no matter how anyone tries to spin Lindsey/Darla, Lindsey/Anne, Lindsey/Lilah, it always comes back to Angel/Lindsey.

*is happy*

And ... lostakasha wrote a missing scene from an episode of Bones that you have to read ... Silver Spring.

And and and ~ I've been reading and cheering and loving tabaqui's long, long Supernatural fic. She originally started it for the Big!bang ficathon, but it was just too good for that.


So if you do nothing else this weekend, read 'Read Us The Book Of The Names Of The Dead' part one, part two, and part three. Dean, Sam and a story that will captivate your mind. I love the way tabaqui writes and I absolutely love that when I read her fic, I can see everything so very clearly. Everything. The action, the plot, the villains and oh, yeah, teh!sex. Simply incredible and awe~inspiring.

*smooches you*

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