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Local News. . .

Okay. I totally blame swmbo for this. She told me to start watching the news. Said it was entertaining.

So. . .let me back this story up just a tad.

I woke up this AM, sitting at the computer, reading my email, about 4:15. . .and I hear gunfire!! Really! I know, how many times have you been sitting in the dark and it's quiet and you hear something and think it's gunfire, but it just turns out to be a car backfiring, or whatever?
Well, this was real bang, bang stuff.
So. . .I'm thinking that some neighbor has finally gotten totally pissed off at someone else's dogs that, like, were barking all night long. And shot them.
It's not that I live in a crazy place, but hey, people do that!
Back to the story. . .I'm heading out to start my car, so it will warm up, cuz dude, it was about 10 degrees outside. And I'm hoping that whoever is doing the shooting is not just randomly shooting people that are going out to warm up their cars. . .but, no, I'm not shot.
About 15 mins later I head off to work and see that the street below me is completely blocked off by police/sheriff cars and ambulances. SO! I was right! Someone was shooting!

At work I tell a friend that my neighborhood was the OK Corral this AM. And he says, yeah, I saw it on the NEWS!!!!

SO! What? I go and watch the noon news and the first thing they talk about is the shooting in my little part of the world. Apparently, some guy shot his pregnant girlfriend in the face and she ran out to use a pay phone to call the police. Believe it or not, she and the baby are okay. So then there is a stand-off and the police finally shoot tear gas into the house to get him out, then shoot him with BEAN BAGS!!!! to get him to stop misbehavin' and take him into custody.

Okay. I'm thinking this guy shot his PREGNANT girlfriend in the FACE!! and you're shooting him with BEAN BAGS?????

Please. Shoot the man with bullets. In the groin area. A lot.

I mean, why didn't they just use Nerf Balls? Isn't that PC enough?

I am not watching the news on TV anymore. It's too dangerous. I'll just read swmbo's posts. They're much funnier and safer!

And Thanks to whimsicalnotion for commenting on my little Intoxication Fic. The thoughts were mucho appreciated. . .

ETA: In no way did I mean any offense to the dearest swmbo. She is beyond reproach, beautiful, wonderful, eminently huggable!
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