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kink!fun #2 and #3

For rayne_y_daze

100 words

It had to be the hotel, the spell. Fucking magic. Because there was no way Angelus would ever bend down. For anyone … least of all Wesley.

Pretty Watcher, so innocent. So pretty at the most interesting times. Caught up in a mystery, reading Latin. Graceful when he moved without second-guessing himself, when ‘what would my father think’ wasn’t in his mind.

Times like now.

The first lash was nothing. A kiss, a caress.

The second caught Angelus’ attention. Bright lights behind his eyes.

The third brought the smell of blood. Teeth nipped into lips.

The fourth felt like home.

and for denied_heaven

100 words

That thick leather belt fit around his neck and would leave marks. Right now Gale didn’t give a shit. The silver buckle bit under his chin and his arms twisted, cramped and tied behind his back. His hips ached, spread wide. His heels banged into Chris’ ass as he was fucked.


He could still breathe. He could still suck in air every time Chris pounded that hard, long cock inside him and he wanted…


“Gonna have to call 911, City.”

“Fuck you.” Gale growled, his vision going black. His mind full of nothing but the coming orgasm.
Tags: angelus/wesley, ats, drabbles, gale/chris, rps
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