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Kink!Fun #1

Something Like Cocaine, Something Like Blood

Not Mine

for redscorner and zooz who both requested Brian/Angel. And redscorner asked for licking/nibbling/biting of the neck area.

Once. Twice. He was becoming an addiction, Angel knew it. He couldn’t deny it. The cross-country trips were hard to explain and questions were met with stony silence and a glare.

None of that mattered as Angel tracked Brian down Liberty Street. After he followed subtle vibrations and powerful pheromones through crowds and bars and parties until he found what he’d come for.

Angel always stood a room away. He leaned against a wall, let his hunger grow. Filled his senses with the sight and smell of the man who stood or danced or seduced. He’d watch that smile. He’d listen to that low laugh. He’d stare until Brian would turn and nod and leave whomever he was playing with, grab his jacket, his smokes and finish his drink.

“You’re early.”

They used to fuck in alleys. Against brick and cement until Brian complained about scratches on his ass and shoulders and chest. They used to fuck in back rooms, bathrooms and hallways, but it never lasted long enough for either of them. Now Angel followed Brian back to his loft.

“Shut up.”

Brian never stopped talking. Teasing. Angel let Brian undress him, amused by the seduction of words that hadn’t changed since his youth.

But this … this

Spread out on Brian’s big bed, chest to chest and hard cocks bumping as they rutted in tandem, there … sweat making skin slide on skin.

Angel bent his neck back, his chin up to the ceiling and Brian’s lips and teeth were on his neck. Small bites. Tender, ineffectual, human love bites. Lips and tongue and dull white teeth that followed the tendons to the dip at the base of his throat and Angel shivered, his hands tightened as they cupped Brian’s ass.

He jerked and Brian laughed softly. Angel held back his orgasm, lips covering the deadly sharp of his own teeth. His eyes flashed in the dim light from the neon bulbs that lit their long, carved, curved bodies.

He was so addicted …


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Tags: ats, brian/angel, drabbles, qaf
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