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Fic! and Fic!Rec


Love the weird and wild Kansas weather. 85 with 100,000% humidity one day and 60 with thunderstorms and hail the next. There were pictures in the KC Star this morning of Greensburg, KS. A town of about 1,400 which was pretty much wiped off the map yesterday. Completely. Gone. The people that watched, said that the tornadoes just kept coming. One would slide out of the clouds and touch ground and then another would come just as the first was dwindling away. 9 people dead, 16 injured. Amazing that there wasn't more and thank goodness there weren't.

Besides buckets placed strategically throughout my house, we're all fine here. Although if it rains any *more* today, my kids will prolly be out of school tomorrow. Some of those roads out in the country wash out pretty quickly when it comes down as hard as it has been.

On to the good stuff!!

I have a 3-part fic to rec!


By lady_t_220. The original supernatural hunter ~ Van Helsing/OFC

Yes! Het!sex! And I'm recommending it! LT's OFC is teh!hot and as always, her Gabriel voice makes you wish that she'd written/produced and directed the movie. A lot. So do you like reading porn? Angsty!porn? Heh. Are you *on* my flist? *snorfle* Go. Read. You can thank me later.

And here I post my maleslashminis fic! Threesomes! Such fun! And a new beta who kicked my ass ...


Stones and Days

maleslashminis Threesome Challenge
written for altyronsmaker
No happy endings

Ats s5
Beta by darkhavens

“Angel ... make it quick.”

“If I was going to kill you Lindsey, it wouldn't be quick.”

~Ats 5x17 Underneath

He left because he was tired of being afraid.Collapse )

*twirls you*
Tags: angel, angel/lindsey/spike, ats, fic, lindsey, spike
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