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Intoxication Fic

Whew. I finally finished and sent off my first fic challenge. Only a day late.


But, finished!

I started 3 different stories for this. 3!!!! They all wanted to go in different directions. Two are going to be kind of long. So I just went with the short one. And I could've gone to town on that one also. But I mentally slapped my hands. And sent it off.

Hmmmm. I wonder who won the Icon Challenge. There were so many wonderful creative entries. I can't wait to see next weeks!

I dyed my hair today. Haven't done that in, like forever. I wanted to go blonde. After all, don't they have more fun? I'm willing to find out. But my hair. Color-resistant, shall we say? I got a lighter brown. So. . .according to my hair care consultant (my daughter) she says that I can wait a week, then try again with a lighter shade.

Perhaps I'll end up with a nice shade of orange.

And, snow! More snow!
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