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And there’s a corner of the floor they're telling you is yours, you're confident but not really sure


No Bones last night.

No Supernatural tonight.

I watched the finale of Friday Night Lights, but I've missed so many eps I was kinda lost. I need to go back and find where I stopped watching they put it on at the same time as Bones and catch up.

Figured out last night that I've been doing the weds/thurs thing for the su_herald since March 16, 2005. I had no idea. Heh.

I think every once in a while that I'd like to *not* do it, but then Wednesday comes and I almost can't wait to skip through my reading list and catch up with fics and people that are not on my flist. Although so many of you are on both. I went back to my first post and besides remembering how incredibly scary all that fucking coding was? I remember just how much fun it was to skip around lj and find new fics and new people and wallow around in the wonderful, incredible fandom that we share. And I also remember that night was the first time I read anything by stoney321. It was James/Vincent and it was so fucking hot I think my eyeballs were smoking after I read it and immediately stalked friended her. Because there are just some things you can't *not* do.

I also found out last night just how incredibly boorish some mods of some communities can be. I know, I know. You'd think I'd have already learned that lesson, wouldn't you?

I mod a couple comms. And you know? Besides putting my foot down about manips at david_b_daily? (and that was only because someone had the really, really bad sense to put David's head on teh!behr's body ...) I don't moderate posts. I don't prescreen them. I post whatever simple rules that I might have on the user info page and then I step back and let people *in*. I don't delude myself fluff up my ego by thinking that anyone *outside* of lj~land reads my comms. I consider it a privilege and an honor to have a successful community and I would hope that I would never make anyone feel hurt or bad for having wanted to participate in my community.

Life is way too short for that kind of shit.

Someday, perhaps, when they're older than 12 other mods of other communities will realize that. Or not. I'm not going to be holding my breath.

In bakery news, Store Mgr LeAnne came in today and said ... "Do you know how much you guys rock?"

Renee and I looked at each other and said, "Yes."


We won a strawberry creme cake contest in our district over Easter weekend. I'm happy. Proud. Feel good. But like lostakasha says?

Show me the money, bitch.


So, since tabaqui has my Bones dvds ... which ep of s1 Supernatural should I watch tonight?

And Karl Urban! Tomorrow! Pathfinder! Brutal Violence and men with long hair in loin cloths! Whoooooooot!

*squishes you all*
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