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Desire Over Control ~ Angel/Connor, Drabble request

Desire Over Control

for 0nlymemories

Connor/Cordelia implied
100 words
Not. Mine.

“Like this?”


“And this?”

“God, yes ...”

Six months past the alley. There were college classes and the rebuilding of a hotel. Coffee in the dark and running together on a campus track under moonlight.

Simple talk that meant nothing. Girlfriends. Goals. Sports.

Memories just under the surface of reality. Nails tore through when desire overcame control.

Angel pushed another finger into Connor. Biting kisses, swallowed groans. Cinnamon and blood on his lips, he dove back down. Hot, wet tongue. Strong, young body rising up and that long, hard cock.

Burning between them.

“Did she touch you like that?”

Tags: angel/connor, drabbles
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