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Deviant Secrets ~ David/Jason

They're both on the Fox shooting lot now. I'm a *very* happy fan!grrl.

Deviant Secrets

for slashthedrabble challenge up/down
David Boreanaz/Jason Behr
Not mine.
500 words


Silky smooth voice in David's ear. Breath over his cheek, tobacco and sugared coffee. A wide smile that was pure, beautiful innocence to those that didn't really know him. Shadowed, sensual sin to those that did. White teeth that bit. Hard. Soft lips that kissed with deadly intentions. A wicked tongue that David remembered all too well.

A clever mind behind those pretty eyes filled with deviant secrets.

“Working together. Again.”

“Not together, Jason.”

“Missed you.”

“I got married.”

“Me too.”

Indifferent shrug and an address scribbled on a piece of torn script.

“Meet me here.”


“You'll be there.”

David hadn't intended on showing up. He was sure he had other plans. But when he got home the house was quiet. Empty. A message from his wife's assistant that she was out with friends and the boy was spending the night with friends. Two hours and four beers later, David was driving across LA. Sweating with the windows open.


He was down on his knees. Shoulders to the wall. Hands behind his back. Jason's cock brushing his lips, wet head bumping his jaw.

“Forget how?”

“Fuck you.”

Jason's laugh turned to a shuddering moan. His hips drove forward when David opened his mouth. When he sucked, dragged his teeth and swirled his tongue. In and out and in and sense memories filled David's mind as Jason's dick hit the back of his throat.

David looked up. Jason stood above him, hands on the wall. Fingers spread and long hair hanging down around his face. Dark eyes invisible behind long lashes, the incredible expanse of chest and abdomen that was carved with muscle from collarbone to cock. David felt as if he could come from this alone.

Salt and sweet on his tongue. Bruised lips and sore jaw.

Too good.


The loop of leather cut into David's neck and he knew his make-up girl was going to have a job to do Monday morning. But after the first rush, David didn't think about work again. Jason sucked with a harsh effectiveness. Licking the head of David's cock, sliding his tongue through the slit and chewing his way back to David's balls.

David was hung. Leather around his throat to a bar in the ceiling. Hands still held, untied behind his back. The noose barely gave enough slack to thrust, twist and Jason smiled when David had to pull away, catch his breath. His face red and his mouth open. Chest rising and falling as he gasped and whined.

“Come on, Dave ... show me what you missed.”

Black spots, narrowed vision. Blood red coating his brain and the sound of his own heart pounding against his eardrums. He spread his legs for Jason's fingers and choked as his toes slipped on the carpet. Pushing his cock down Jason's throat and coming with the sound of Jason's voice in his mind.

“I can take you where no one else would ever dare, David ... let me show you ... what you really need ...”

Tags: david/jason, drabbles, rps, slashthedrabble
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