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Heh :-) Long Day. . .

Hey there, how there, ho there. . .

Whew, long day. Glad it's almost over.

New Angel on in, um, about an hour and a half! Yahoo!
Hope the story line is better than last season. . . most of which I did not watch because it got just too soapy for me.

Looking forward to new stuff. Spike! and Harmony. . . don't know how I feel about that, but if it brings back the fun that Cordelia used to be, then it'll be worth it.
Anybody still miss Doyle?? Me!!!
Guess everyone else is supposed to be gone, coma, babysitters, hairdressers. . . .

Note to self. . .either finish the story or start on the song-fic.

Got lots in mind
One dirty one. . .Rock-a-ho (jackyl)
One jean one. . .Bad case of loving you (R. Palmer)
One angesty one. . .Barefoot (k.d.lang)

Maybe start with the dirty one, I'm feeling kinda, um, yeah, like that. . .

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