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I stayed up way past midnight last night. Watching SPN with sixteen_letters and as the clock struck 12, lostakasha poked me. She sent me a link to a community and I spent the next hour or so crying.

I finally went to bed, woke up at 8 and got back online as I was drinking coffee. Thinking that I had imagined it all. Had a really good dream ... but no.

The community was still there and I was, once again, left without words. Once again, I was crying.


I would list every fic here, every pic spam, every kind wish for a wonderful birthday, every icon and wallpaper and tight, warm hug that I have recieved today ... but what I want you to do ... is go there. Read that. Click on every link and find yourself as incredibly blown away as I have been. Find yourself as in love, as hot and sweaty and smiling. Find yourself a laugh and a kiss and a moment where time stops and the talent you find will leave you breathless.

Thank you, lostakasha

Thank you, tabaqui

I have never had a birthday as wonderful as this. Never. Thank you to everyone that has participated, thank you to everyone that has left feedback for the stories and pics that have been left there for me, for all of us.

I sit here, in my house, watching ice fall from a gray, gloomy sky and all I can think is that I have the most wonderful, incredible, talented, kind, compassionate and loving friends in the world. I have the best gift of all.

I have you.

Thank you.

Tags: bff, birthday, friends, its_snow_day
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