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Time is an Illusion ~ Seeley/Jack

Time is an Illusion

by Snow

for the slashthedrabble late/early challenge
300 words

Seeley waited at the scene of the murder. He waited at the diner. He waited in the lab and he waited in the parking lot. Jack was always late.

He’d run in with some random excuse and a smile that made Seeley forget what time it was and almost what was going on. Intelligent eyes flashed, the scent of expensive cologne floated behind him and Seeley’s anger would dissipate as if it had never bubbled up inside. Frustration and something else that Seeley wasn’t ready to put a word to, assign an emotion to or admit. Not to anyone, not even himself.

The night they sat in Sid’s and watched hockey until it finished, Booth came close. Too many beers and too much of whatever strange, delicious dish Sid had pushed in front of him with a smile that said nothing was hidden. Nothing at all.

“You’re too drunk to drive, Booth.”

Seeley snorted at Jack’s comment.

“Yeah. So are you.”

“Cab’s already waiting, boys. Get out.” Sid snapped his towel on the edge of the bar and Seeley flipped his friend off.

Seeley’s apartment was closest and when the driver stopped, Booth’s fingers wrapped around Jack’s arm.

“Come on.”


“It’s late, Jack.”

Half-hearted grumbling and following, scrabble with keys at the front door and stumbling into the hallway. Silence met them, the liquor suddenly not an issue when Seeley pressed Jack’s spine into the hard, solid wood of the interior side of his door.

“It’s late?” Jack’s voice was low and quiet and really not like Jack at all.

Seeley nodded. His lips a mere inch away from Jack’s. His eyes staring into the fathomless electric blue of Jack’s.

“Yeah.” Booth’s mouth brushed Jack’s. A dry, soft, almost-kiss.

A promise of something else.

“Time to play catch-up now.”

lostakasha took 'early' and we picked Seeley/Jack to play with ...

*twirls you*
Tags: drabbles, seeley/jack
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