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Painful Denial ~ Hugh/David ~ drabble request

Painful Denial

by Snow

Hugh Jackman/David Boreanaz
Not Mine
Set during the Broadway run of Boy From Oz
for lady_t_220
... let it have Mister Huu in it, and hot kissing, and maybe some touching and lots of unfulfilled desires...
200 Words

It wasn’t that he’d never done this before, because he had. And it wasn’t that he didn’t want it, because he did. It wasn’t that Deb didn’t know. She turned a blind eye to his base desires as long as he kept it discreet.

As long as he never fell in love.

Hugh laughed. Sometimes acting was so easy.

Another night on Broadway. Another encore, sweat ran down his chest, poured from his hair. His body tingled, shocks of lightning through muscles that meant he wouldn’t be able to sleep for hours.

A man waited in his dressing room. He was tall and dark and his fingers had already mapped Hugh’s body many times. His smile welcomed, his voice was quiet Philadelphia sex.

Hugh took the bottle of water that was handed to him, rewarmed his lips with a kiss that never stopped. A kiss that took his breath away and left him faint, like he might swoon and tremble as if he were some corseted civil war era woman. His shoes slid on linoleum as his thighs parted and gave way to insistent hands.

Hugh realized he wanted this too much.

“Come back to my hotel, Hugh.”

“I can’t.”

*twirls you*
Tags: david/hugh, db/hj, drabbles
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