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Lie to Me ~ David/Jason

Lie to Me

by Snow

David Boreanaz/Jason Behr
for southernbangel for cheering me up after telling me that teh!Behr got married. you can write some DB/JB pr0n where they are both on a boys night out with the wives at home and they run into each other in the smokey bathroom of the latest hot spot and then JB pushes DB against the wall and goes down on him...

Thank you, Lee.

The boy was high.

Higher than a fucking kite. Blood-shot eyes, high-pitched laugh, smiling too much, his fingers jittered around the butt of his cigarette. He was too well connected to be nobody, but the entourage that came with A-list actors didn’t follow him. And David knew him. Remembered him. Little nothing boy that did a guest spot and stole the show. Stole the girl ... for a while.

Not that any of that mattered at this moment. Not when a line of snow-white cocaine and a rolled up hundred dollar bill was handed to David. Not when the pounding beat of whatever techno crap that passed for music was pounding up through the soles of David’s shoes. Not when this very pretty, very stoned boy in front of David was giving him that look. Not when his fingers were lingering just a little too long as they exchanged the joint. Not when his lips were curved in a smirk that promised heaven and hell and everything in between and David remembered through a fierce haze of too many years and too many other bodies and ... yeah.

“Gotta drain the lizard.” David spoke to no one in particular. He pushed away from the table and wandered through the dancing, talking, moving crowd along the back wall to the men’s room.

He shoved the door open and laughed to himself at the dim red light. Nothing like some new *old* gimmick. Nothing like lighting rooms so that you don’t notice the way it might not be as clean as you’d expect, given the exorbitant cover charge that had to be forked over at the entrance.

David looked at his reflection in the mirror and smiled.

3 ... 2 ...

The door opened and Jason was there. That fucking smirk widening as he found David waiting for him. Jason shook his head, long hair falling around his face. He lifted his arms above his head and stretched. Long sleeve white Henley and black leather pants over boots. Flash of tanned, toned, tight abdomen between belt and shirt. He could be a hustler in Paris or Miami or he could be an older than he looked struggling actor in Hollywood. Or he could be just what David needed right at this very moment.

Laughter on his lips as Jason pushed David back into a stall and against one metal wall. He licked up the side of David’s face, jaw to eyebrow and back down. He kissed David before there could be any words. Thick, hot tongue pushing inside, filling David’s mouth before any meaningless protestations could be made.

David found his hands on Jason’s hips, following the slow grind in, the rub and touch and roll and fuck that felt good. Leather over denim. Hard cock pressed to hard cock. Jason’s mouth moved down David’s neck, two fingers replacing his tongue and David felt his shirt pulled up and the gentle scrape of teeth, the soft, flicking tease on one nipple and his back arched forward. His eyes closed. He sucked the salty sweet, sweaty taste of Jason’s fingers in his mouth and didn’t even flinch when the top button of his 501’s popped open.

Two buttons undone and Jason’s eyes smiled. He pressed his forehead against David’s and kissed around his own fingers that plundered David’s mouth.

“Want this.”

David nodded as Jason sank to his knees. Not a question, not a demand. Not a statement that needed an answer. Simply a reality that had nothing to do with call backs in the morning, with lunch dates or family BBQ invitations or names of producers or directors or co-stars. This had nothing to do with anything but this moment and this heat and this feeling.

David licked his lips as Jason’s fingers slipped out and down his chin, down his neck, down his chest to wrap around his cock and at the first warm, wet lap of Jason’s tongue David’s hips jerked forward. His hands slid down to sink into the thick, long hair, fingers twisting and pulling and he pushed his cock in and in and in and closed his eyes. Face up to the glowing red ceiling and his legs slid apart.

It was rough and it was hard. It was teeth and tongue and his balls rolled and bypassed as Jason’s fingers pushed back behind to tease and tempt and David was sucking in air like it was being drained from the room when he came. Fast and intense. Eyes rolled back in his head, hips snapped and Jason took it all. He sucked and bobbed his head, humming along with the music. A steady, low vibration that drove David right out of his mind.

Nothing like being with a woman.

Nothing like being with his wife.

Jason stood up, a red-tinted pearl of come on his lips and David groaned when Jason’s tongue snaked out of his mouth and licked it off. Jason couldn’t have heard it, but his mouth curled back into that smile again as if he had. Jason grabbed David’s wrist and pulled both of their hands down to the slick, skin-warmed crotch of his leather pants. He rubbed David’s palm over the material that covered and trapped and crushed the hard length of his cock.


And Jason was gone. Rolling out of the stall and out of the bathroom. Moving with the liquid grace that only the very stoned and the very drunk can. The music louder for a moment as the door opened and shut and David was alone again. He sagged against the metal divider, buttoned up his pants with shaking fingers. Coke like lightning flashes in his veins, tiny shocks of electricity at every joint and every breath he took only brought him higher.

Dangerous. Alive.

Fucked up, higher than a kite.

David pushed the stall door away, pulled open the bathroom door and went back into the crowd to stalk his prey. The night was still young and the game had just begun.


Just the distraction I needed.

Tags: david/jason, fic, rps

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