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I just got home from a weekend at tabaqui's. An experience I highly recommend to anyone that needs ... anything.


I took sixteen_letters with me and we had a wonderful time. Cemetaries. Movies. Behr!drooling. Cats. BFF. Supernatural!Squeee. Church!talk. Rock stores. Funky tourist traps. PANCAKES!!!!11!! and, of course, the beautiful and incredible tabaqui, Cat and Monstrous Bebe. And I didn't pump Tabi for more Neverland. Um, er, not much. Really.

Lisa and I left after 1 today, heading back home. We stopped at a Catholic church in Missouri that I've passed so many times, but never ... stopped. This time? We did. It's in Westphalia, MO and was built in 1835. The stained glass windows alone will make you cry, the sanctuary was fantastic and the silence inside the church itself was profound and intense.

And no, even though Lisa was nervous, I did not burst into flames. Obviously.


I am NEVER renting a car from Enterprise again. This is like, the third time I've made a reservation for an economy car and ended up with something else. This time? I drove a 2007 Ford Explorer. Not exactly ECONOMY. More like a tank on wheels.

Now my weekend!off is over and work is on the horizon and I want to go backwards!! I want more! And I'm really tired. And happy. Thank you, Tabi. *luffs*

**snuggles with my flist**

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