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Multiple Subjects. Random Thoughts.

Stephen King's IT is on the Family channel right now. Does that strike anyone else as odd? It's not exactly a family movie.

"I worry about you, Bevvie. I worry a lot."


Has everyone tried that new Godiva Belgian Blend drink? A revitalizing blend from Godiva Chocolatier. It is chocolate milk on crack. I might have to buy a few for the next time I have a night off and want to stay up laaaate.

Mmmmmmm chocolate rush and pRon. What could be better?

oh! I know!

Go read tabaqui's new Supernatural fic. Now.

Thou Born to Match the Gale, (Thou Art All Wings,)

It is an episode. Yes. She is that good.

Motorhead is playing less than 15 miles away from me tonight. Their only US show this tour season. If I could've gotten tomorrow off work, I'd be there. In costume. Drinking beer and thrashing with the metalheads. Lemmy is truly immortal.

I made a rather large flist cut today. First time ever. Mostly people that have never commented on my flocked journal entries, or journals that haven't been updated in a long time. If I included your journal in the cut and you really do care about reading more than vampire porn, cracked out crossovers and RPS (because those will never be flocked) just let me know. Otherwise, feel free to hang out for the sporadic, kinked-out fic. Or not. I'm the last one to pressure anyone to do anything they don't feel good about.

Unless it would be making me a 'Angst!Hoor' icon. Someone says that I am all about teh!angst. Heh. For that I will apply pressure. Or write angsty!drabbles. Or stuff.

*la la*

Happy Saturday!
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