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lostakasha asked for four people DB hasn’t fucked yet – but plans to – and one he doesn’t dare.
Not Mine.

We desire nothing so much as what we ought not to have.
~ Publilius Syrus

Nick ~ Brotherly Love A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity. Proverbs 17

He never forgot the way those dark brown eyes would follow him. The way David could smile at Nick and laugh inside at the almost puppyish response.

There’d been teasing of course, David never let an opportunity go by to tickle or touch or put his hands on Nick. And he remembered the warm, soft skin under his fingers. He remembered feeling the tremble inside and under, the too-quick lean in and pull away and laughter that meant nothing and everything. A tension that promised willing heat and undeniable lust.

A hug at a Christmas party, a drunken kiss. David had Nick’s phone number in his cell and he wondered as he pushed send how quickly they could get past the small talk.

Vincent ~ Covetousness For from within, out of men’s hearts come evil thoughts, sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery. Mark 7:21

David’s palms itched whenever they worked together. His fingers would curl into his hands and he had to think of painful, hurtful, the most disgusting just to keep his hard-on from becoming apparent. He was relieved when they wrote Vincent out and he was returned into this fresh hell when they brought him back.

The worst part was that Vincent knew it. And he used it.

After a fight scene he stripped off his character’s shirt, wiped the fake blood from his forehead and stared at David. His teeth caught and bit his bottom lip and one hand slid down his chest, fingers outstretched and skimming the waistband of his too-loose jeans. His eyes glittered from under strands of his hair.

David jacked off in his trailer, his hand rough and slick on his cock. His eyes closed. Promising himself, next time that boy wouldn’t be quite so brazen.

James ~ Sin You want something but don’t get it. You kill and covet, but you cannot have what you want. You quarrel and fight. You can not have it because you have not asked God. James 2

Off camera their relationship mirrored their characters. David would smile and indulge James. Fill and refill his glass until James was staggering, leaning against David and laughing too loud. David would point out girls that were nothing but that. Barely legal and some that he was sure weren’t even close.

He knew what James liked.

They snarked and argued and played jokes that had a mean edge. They were hard on each other and even harder on their co-workers. They rarely hung out after work, perhaps because they both knew that everything they did was an act. That they covered the deeper, base emotions with sugarcoated cruelty.

It would only take one kiss. Only one moment when both of them dropped the wall they kept between them and instead of talking about what a wildcat Sarah had been in bed, they’d be curious to find out what she’d seen in them.

Christian ~ Temptation … and do not give the devil a foothold. Ephesians 4:27

They’d been closer than brothers. More than family. Christian was there at every important moment in David’s life for how many years and David had taken it all for granted. Taken him for granted.

He’d gone to a few concerts in bars. He’d listened to the songs with half an ear because someone was always talking to him in the other. He’d dodged Jaime’s questions about the weekend in Chicago and glossed over their past when she wouldn’t let it drop until he distracted her with ice cream and sex.

Separate careers now. Might as well be on different planets.

The phone didn’t ring with one a.m. drunken calls. There were no more fists pounding on his door on Friday night, hands pulling him out of his house and into the truck that idled in his driveway, music blaring. No more sweaty cowboy hats slammed on his head and luke-warm beer kisses that were always more teeth than tongue, more banging jaws and bruising fingers.

David kept himself busy; work, kid, wife, new house and pretended that it didn’t hurt.

They’d never fucked. Not once and David figured that was the problem. They should’ve.

Every time had been … more than simple sex. No matter how drunk or how high or how fast, pants barely shoved down or how slow, hours spent completely naked, rolling on Christian’s bed … there had always been that moment. That fucking moment where they were both completely aware of what they were doing and who they were with and the fact that this was more … this was important.

The temptation to make it real was words caught on their tongue, held back behind teeth. Never spoken out loud and by keeping silent they both made the choice.

David couldn’t remember the last time he’d heard Christian’s voice. He would never forget the last time they’d made love.

TJ ~ Angels This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angel will come down and separate the wicked ones from the righteous. Matthew 49

The edge of the counter bit into David’s bare ass, but he barely felt it. He didn’t have to look down to watch, the mirrors of the dressing room reflected the scene perfectly. His fingers twisted through soft curls and he breathed through his mouth.

TJ’s head bobbed, his clever tongue fluttered and swirled. David’s thighs shook and his thumbs pressed and stroked TJ’s cheeks. He felt his cock move in and out through beard and flesh. He ran down the stats of his fantasy football roster to keep the clenching, rolling need from rising too quickly.

They hadn’t gone any farther than this. Furtive kissing and casual gropes, blow jobs around condoms. Beer after work, a ride home once in a while. David wasn’t stupid. This wasn’t Buffy. This wasn’t Jossland anymore. There was no safety net and David knew that he was as expendable as that guy on the X-Files. He knew how high the ratings had gone when Adam had done a guest spot.

One fuck, one fuck-up and he’d be out.

But that mouth and those eyes and that smile and those hands and the mind behind it all ... It felt too good and it felt too right. And he whispered TJ’s name. A whining plea to stop, a begging moan to keep going.

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