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How To Bring A Slayer Down ~ Angelus/Xander

How To Bring A Slayer Down

by Snow

For slashfest
Request by pauly00001
Xander/Angelus. Set in season 2 after Innocence. Xander tops Angelus. And he lets him.
Not betaed. I'm sorry. No time left.

This request kicked my ass, until writercon and the blessing of having wonderful friends with amazing, incredible minds.

Thank you, Annie.

“Yes. I’m going to kill her, Spike. But first … I’m going to play with her friends.”

Angelus ignored the roll of Spike’s eyes. His fingers itched from the spell he’d killed a witch to own and Angelus set out in the dark to find the Slayer’s best friend.

“Use it once to turn the meek into the aggressive, the mild into the wanton. The pet into the master. Distrust and loathing will become undeniable lust and passion. Use it fast. It doesn’t last for long after the first climax.”

All he had to do was touch the red-haired bitch and she would be all over him. She’d belong to him for as long as he needed to use her … entrance the watcher, beguile the cheerleader, rape the boy and then … the Slayer would be alone and she would be his.

Just in time for the end of the world.

Angelus practically danced as he walked. Feeling wildly free, intoxicated by the city that surrounded him. Food on every corner, amusement at every turn.

And then he ran straight into Xander.

Neither of them looking where they were going. Xander was coming from the Bronze, hyped up on music and the unbelievable evening he’d had. Buffy had danced with him. Willow had watched. Cordelia had ignored it … but he knew that she’d seen it.

Angelus was so intent on finding Willow that when they crashed together and his hands touched Xander, he didn’t think anything about it. Until the itching stopped. Until Angelus looked into Xander’s face and there was absolutely none of the fear Angelus was so very used to seeing in those dark brown eyes. Even when he'd been peeking out behind the bars of that damn soul.

The brick of the alley was rough against the vampire’s back and he could’ve stopped this. He could’ve simply snapped the boy’s neck, but it was all too delicious. Xander’s palms were sweaty hot as he ripped open the silk shirt that Angelus wore and skated over Angelus’ skin. Fingers twisting small, flat brown nipples until Angelus growled, his spine arcing away from the building behind him.

On the street, not fifteen feet away from them, people walked by. Laughing and talking and no one looked down the alley. Of course this was Sunnydale. No one would. But Angelus could smell her. He could smell her in the air, not far from here and he could smell her on the boy that leaned into death with pupils wide and black and a spell being pushed through his body by the rapid beat of his heart.

If he timed this just right…

“Do it, little boy … do it.”

Angelus’ lips thinned and drew back from his teeth. He laughed out loud when Xander flipped him around and his bare chest scraped the bricks. Those hands unbuttoning and unzipping and pushing down the leather that covered Angelus’ hips and ass. Down just far enough that Angelus could feel Xander reaching between and grabbing his balls. A hard squeeze and a sharp tug and Angelus let the demon inside him out with no effort at all.

The light in the alley took on a different quality. Grays became silver and shadows were nothing but illusions. Angelus was slammed forward by the force of Xander’s thrusts, by the tear and the familiar unfamiliar stretch and rip. Angelus bit through his bottom lip. It had been so long ... so very long.

Angelus angled his hips and drank in the dizzying scent of Xander’s sweat, of his unhinged desire. His own cock hard and aching and he’d started to reach down when Xander slapped his hand, a nothing sting. Xander wrapped his fingers around Angelus’ dick and pushed deeper inside. Stopping when he was groin to ass and Angelus could count the beats of Xander’s heart as they vibrated up through his empty, motionless body.

Blood dripped from his fangs. It hung in a long clearpinkred line of spit before dropping to disappear in the black gravel at their feet.

“Fuck me, Xander.”

It didn’t take long. For either of them. Five more driven, possessed thuds of skin on skin. Xander’s hand jerking Angelus’ cock and they were coming. One hot and one the cool, evening temperature of the air around them. Xander grunted and groaned and Angelus reached back, he pushed the boy off and out and away. Xander stumbled, his jeans caught around his ankles and he fell into a bag of trash on the other side of the alley.

Angelus turned, a smile on his face that had no humor at all. Golden eyes, ridged brow and razor blade teeth. His hand moved between his thighs and he brought his fingers to his mouth. He licked them clean, a cat with rich cream on his paw and he pulled up his pants.

The spell wouldn’t last much longer, Angelus could see Xander’s eyes clearing as he shook his head. And Xander’s fingers begin to tremble as he scrabbled at his clothes and there … the Slayer at the mouth of the alley. A stake in her hand as she stared at Angelus. Hate warring with love in her eyes and Angelus knew that he was still safe. For now.

His torn shirt rippled as he walked past her.

“Left you a little something in the alley, Buff.”

He loved the way his laughter echoed against the buildings around them as he kept on walking.

“Isn’t it great to have friends?”

Tags: angelus/xander, ats, fic
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