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Magic ~ Angel/Spike, Sam/Dean


by Snow
For tabaqui
Angel/Spike, Sam/Dean
Porn, not!porn ...

500 words

There was a shimmer in the air. The sucking sound of oxygen burning and then even Angel’s voice seemed to disappear into the fog that filled the jail cell. His hand suddenly hurt from punching someone … but he hadn’t hit anyone ... lately. There was just that man. Short, human, wild eyes and his fist had connected with Spike’s jaw.

Wait a minute.

Angel took a breath.

He took a breath because he had to take a breath. His hands went to his chest and he turned to look at Spike. Only to see Spike on the floor. Only to see himself on the floor. Eyes closed, looking dead*er* than usual. Than always.

“Magic. Fuckin’ magic.”

Angel turned to the only other person that was standing in the dissipating haze. The human’s brother. A tall young man that stared back at him with what had to be the same what-the-fuck look in his eyes.



They spared a moment to glance at their unconscious bodies then they met mid-stride, mid-cell. Wincing as their lips met with such force that blood dripped on their teeth and tongues and it was so hot.

“My heart is beating.” Angel whispered.

“I can feel it, God … I can feel it.” Spike growled with someone else’s voice. Angel felt Spike tear the T-shirt Angel wore with someone else’s hands. His fingers dug into skin that held Angel’s soul and his mouth sucked on Angel’s neck, lips tracing the beating vein that throbbed along the hot, sweaty neck until Spike stopped, laughing out loud.

“What? Don’t stop, Jesus, Spike … don’t stop…” Angel ground the hips of the body he was trapped inside of against the hips of the body that held Spike. His fingers clutching and grabbing and tearing cotton to get at more of that delicious, real warmth.

“I’m taller than you, Angel.”

“Are not.”

“Am so.”

Angel looked up and smiled into the floppy-haired young man that stood in front of him. His clothes rumpled and his face so different from what Angel was used to seeing. From what Angel knew was true.

“So what? Gonna complain when you’re down on your knees?”

“Fuck you, Angel.”

“Promises, promises, Spike.”

Denim fell to dirty concrete, they licked the pink stains off of each other’s teeth and both of them sank to their knees. Rolling on the floor, gasping as they bruised and groped and fucked.

Then the air shimmered again and everything was cold. Inside and out. Blinding pain splintered Angel’s head as he sat up slowly. He licked his lips and it seemed he could still taste that warmth … still taste that life.

Spike snorted a laugh beside him as they watched the two humans untangle themselves from each other. Sit up, shivering, shuddering, naked. Completely unaware that they were being observed for the moment. Fingers sifted through hair and their lips were as close as they had been minutes earlier when their souls had been replaced.

“Sammy? You okay?”


Tags: angel/spike, crossover fic, dean/sam, ficlet
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