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Thanks to glossing I have been a busy little bee. Making icons from things I didn't know that I could!

Thank you glossing !!

I am now a happy little David Obsessor.

Oh yeah. I loves people that feed my obsessions. . .

And I got to watch Soul Purpose again and again and again.

And I am as confused as ever at all the doublespeak. The intendres. Or not. I agree with all of you on your discussions of the ep. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what is going on. Or where this is leading. Or if it is leading anywhere. Really.

Although I do find it a little odd that every time anyone confronts Eve, she manages to back away, convienently to an elevator or doorway and get the last word in. All the time. You'd think as detectives, and ummm, smart people, one of them would stand behind her once in a while. . .with a big knife.

Aaaahhhh. Dreams.
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