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Anonymous Sex ~ Brian/Angel

Anonymous Sex
by Snow

for redscorner
hot, broody, hot

300 words

Brian smiled when he saw the man standing in the corner of the backroom. One hand on the crotch of his pants, his head lowered and his eyes black with lust.

It had been a while.

He never came by Babylon often. Twice in two months, then not for six. Never told Brian his name, where he was from, where he lived, what he did. There was no exchange of phone numbers, not much of an exchange of words. He’d just show up, stand in the dark until Brian would find him and take him home.

They stripped as the door slid shut. Brian’s hands sliding over skin that no matter what season, was a little too cool, a little too solid. Bricks under velvet.

He’d learned early on that there was nothing he couldn’t do to this man, nothing too rough, nothing too weird, nothing too long. He would lean into bruising touches and give up his wrists for belts. He seemed to like it better when Brian was angry, when he was demanding and Brian always knew when the tables would turn.

He could feel the change come over the stranger and his eyes would lighten. He’d reach back or get up off his knees or roll on the mattress and Brian wouldn’t even fight or question or whimper as the man settled over him. Pulled Brian’s legs up on his shoulders or nudged apart his thighs as he slid on a condom and thrust inside. Hands on Brian’s arms, around his hips. Lips hesitant on the back of his neck. Kisses that were almost tender when compared to his fucking. As if he was afraid to break Brian’s skin.

Then he’d dress and leave. Disappear until the next time Brian found him. Standing alone in the shadows.

*dances with you*

I just can't write these two in drabble form!

Tags: angel/brian, ats, drabble, qaf

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