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Heaven ~ Buffy/Angel

by Snow

for maevebran

Um ... yeah. Sorry. I'll have to owe you one, because this is not playtime. :(
set in Ats3
200 Words

“Where’ve you been?”

Her voice was hushed, her breath louder.

“Tibet.” He answered. Fingertips trailing over the silky soft skin of her shoulders. “You?”

She pressed against him, pulled him to her. The brick of the wall behind her, supporting her, digging into her back. They’d only met for dinner. Driven half-way. To see each other. To know for sure.

Dinner was over.

The check was paid. The night air was cool and she felt feverish in his arms. Too hot, her breath came too fast. Her eyes too big as they stared up and her hands … shouldn’t be reaching there.

But they were.

He let them.

She climbed him, braced between wall and his muscle. Her thighs tight around his waist. He kissed her until she had to breathe. Their lips dry and their tongues wet. He groaned as her slim fingers slid between his pants and his skin. Shook his head and closed his eyes and he felt her mouth on his throat when he bent his neck back, bared himself to her. She whispered in his ear as she worked him to the edge of sanity.

“I was in Heaven. And you were there, with me.”

Tags: angel/buffy, drabble

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