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Dressing Room ~ Hugh Jackman/Russell Crowe

Dressing Room
by Snow

for lady_t_220

Hugh Jackman/Russell Crowe
200 words

He’d come to the show. Surrounded by security and friends. When it was over, he was in Hugh’s dressing room. Waiting. Alone. Laughing behind his fist at the glittery spandex pants.

“Great show.”

Hugh nodded as he pulled off his shirt. Drinking water from the bottle, one after the other. His eyes never left Russell’s face.

“Always get a hard-on in the last scene?”

Hugh dropped down in the chair across from Russell. He popped the buttons of those shiny pants. Took a deep breath as his fingers curled around his cock. He watched Russell’s tongue flicker between his lips. Russell's hand move to set the beer aside, his thighs spread as he unzipped.

The air in the room grew hot and humid. Nothing else was said, unless gasps, moans and growls were counted. Outside people talked, walked by, knocked and neither one of them moved from their chairs. Their hands working. Up and down, stopping only to lick over a palm or stifle a groan and when they came, it was together. Toes curling inside of their shoes, sweat shining both of their faces.

Hugh tossed Russell a towel with a wry grin and grabbed Russell’s warming beer.



Tags: drabble, hugh jackman/russell crowe, rps
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