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Happy Birthday sixteen_letters!!!!

Just think, baby. 17 years ago your behind was all black and blue and I was still recovering from your entrance into this world. Backwards, of course. Nothing you have ever done and nothing you will ever do will be *normal* or *regular*. And that includes being born.

I adore you, my daughter. You make me smile just by talking to me. You amaze me with your brilliant mind and you astound me with your writing talents. For you I will read FF slash. For you I will watch anime, even though I ask too many questions.


For you, I would do anything.

I know growing up with me as your only parental figure hasn't been easy. I know I'm so far from the *model* mother that if I ever went to a PTA meeting, I'd be banned from the school district. I know I talk about fandom things too much and I tell you about stories I'm writing or struggling to write and you never complain. You never shake your head at me or laugh. Well, yeah. You *do* laugh at me. A lot. But in a nice way. But let me tell you, Lisa ... having you around keeps me sane. Being able to talk to you, to vent with you, to explore new ideas and characters with you ... is one of the best parts of my life.

I loved you at first sight, 17 years ago today. And I love you now, this afternoon, right here in our house, seventeen years later. I can't wait to see what incredible things you do with your life and I hope you don't mind me sitting here cheering you on.

I am so proud of you.

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