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Have you ever ...

admired someone so much that you *squeeeeeee* every time they email you or comment in your journal?

had someone make you laugh until you cried and then turn right around and do it again?

had your breath taken away by the talent and creativity of their mind and the fics that they write and post and share?

snarked with someone about your mutual love of a certain actor and talked about not so little things ... like his hands and his ass and his thighs and the way he smells and the sound of his voice and his eyes ...


Yes. Well. I have.

I first met chrisleeoctaves here. On LJ. I don't remember where or how, but I glomped onto her and have never let go. I met her in RL at the first writercon and absolutely enjoyed the small amount of time we spent together. So, when this one rolled around, I made it my mission to make sure I spent LOTS of time with her. From the moment my plane landed. Which, thankfully, was just after hers. We rode the MARTA together with lynnenne and chatted the entire way.

But it was at the hotel, after a couple of Coronas and well, me asking her to tell me blow-by-blow about meeting David Boreanaz that cemented the friendship. Dude. She is HILARIOUS and so good at telling a story. And acting it out. *coughliftingherlegsandshowingusherunderwearasshewaspointingatjustwheredavidcouldeatdinnercough*



I will be laughing over that for a VERY long time.

And we discussed how many ways David could make us come. Then the idea was born.

This Idea.

A month~long ficathon in chrisleeoctaves honor. It's called ...

creamofchrislee. And you can write anything that inspires you. Chrislee and David. Chrislee and Angel. Chrislee and Seeley. Chrislee and Luc Crash, for heaven's sake. 100 word minimum. Drabble 'til your fingers fall off. Just make Chrislee cream. Okay?

And be sure to check out the beautiful manips that lostakasha made for the community. Almost makes me jealous.



So starting tomorrow! Knock yourselves out! Give Chrislee the Best August Ever.


Oh! And who all watched Gale on Deadwood last night? omgomgomg!!! Now I need Wyatt/Seth stat!!! *flails*
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