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What an absolutely fantastic weekend!

I got into Atlanta at 1 pm. I had a great flight, but dude. I was jonesing for a cigarette, so I found the *smoker's lounge*, went in and lit up. The air in that tiny room was blue and there was a glass door/wall for everyone walking past to look in and I could just HEAR their thoughts. "Look at the poor smokers!" Eh. Whatever. I did smoke really fast though. *la* And then I walkedomg! to the baggage claim to find chrisleeoctaves, lynnenne and lostakasha. I found Annie very quickly since we have phone #'s and CELL PHONES *cough* to call. Then we waited for Christie and Lynne. And waited. And waited.

Finally! Christie called me from a pay phone and we ran! Guh. That woman is gorgeous and so very kind and funny and SHESMETDAVIDBOREANAZOMG@!!!!@@!2112. Lynne, Chris and I took the MARTA to the hotel while Annie waited for a2zmom. I checked in (to the wrong room, but hey, it wasn't *my* fault), got unpacked and ran back down to registration to get my badge.

From that moment on? The rest of the weekend was a wonderful blur with too many significant points to remember in one post. I'm sure I'll be poking you with all of them eventually. My upfront apologies for anyone that I don't remember at this very moment, because damn. I'm TIRED.

romanyg, Annie and I spent the evening together, meeting everyone as they came in. synful_trixxie!!!!!111!!<33333 and itsabigrock!!!!11!! and gyoro!!1!!!!!11 My beautiful roommate ely_jan got there about midnight, way after I was pleasantly buzzed. We chatted and fan~grrrled and *squeeeeeed* ... then crashed.

Friday started with breakfast and more talking. Finding out who had come in and working registration when no one was coming in. *yawns* Well, no one but femmenerd!!!!!!!1111!! Eating lunch and laughter and jstabe. Doing the Concrit, Feedback, Plagerism and Archiving panel. That? Was fun. I didn't really think that I would have anything to offer and I was pleasantly surprised at all the questions for me, since I was up there representing the su_herald work I've done for over a year. I didn't pull any punches, but I did try to be nice.


Then dinner and more drinking and Christie and Annie and Robin and viciouswishes and elucidate_this and omg ... more. Too many. I'm still twitching and sighing.

I met vampirefever for the first time and vic_amy_z again and hopefully didn't manage to embarrass myself in front of them too much.



I think by this time, winterlive actually knew who I was. Maybe. It might have been wolfshark poking her a bit. *snorfle*

I wanted to go to the humor panel, but I was too freaked about my RPS seminar. Heh. So instead, I spent the morning writing down thoughts and drinking coffee and chatting with people I didn't know, which is always a good thing. By 1:15, I was wired for sound.

The seminar went great. I was pleased at the way it turned out. Would I have been happier if 75 or 100 people showed up instead of 20? Sure! But, you know what? At the end of it, I thanked every single person that came. southernbangel and redbrickrose and hurry_sundown and everyone else ... because having it in such an intimate setting and being able to even talk about writing/reading RPS after the snubbing and well, uncomfortable feelings I got from the first writercon ... this was incredible. And awesome. And I have to again, personally thank stoney321 and ely_jan for agreeing to be on the *panel* and help lead the conversations. You ladies are the best of the best. Always.

After that was over? I drank. A lot. Then went to the cocktail party! Whooot! Danced a bit, chatted a lot, inhaled tequila a lot and limes and salt stolen from the hotel restaurant by me, thank you very much. Watched some people do some things that I never thought I'd see, but hey ... don't blame me, k? And that would include Lee standing at my elbow as nekkid men were being flogged by drunken women and YES. I want to see that BD/SM Angel is Buffy's bitch fic, baby. Oh yes. I do.


I pried my ass out of bed to go to breakfast and attend the Church of Joss, because ... who wouldn't? It was fantastic and I will never forget sitting there and realizing that Friday night at the Erotic Workshop breakout 'Queer Sex for Straights', that I was learning how to make dental dams and where a prostate is located at the same table as dancetomato. Who is, apparently, so high up in some religious organization that she can't even tell us about it.

So, well, yeah. You know that a few of my kinks were hit that morning. And I have this sudden inspiration to go back to church. Any church. I've got the cross!

Have Jesus tattoo, will travel.


Sunday afternoon Ely, Annie and I went out to see the nearby Kroger's and try to find a store for Annie to get a new suitcase. The Kroger's sucked. Thier bakery was a joke. I took pictures on my phone to laugh at with my employees.

Finding a suitcase took us hours and we ended up in a K~mart, standing in line forEVER and I missed the Crossovers Panel. *weeps* Not that, like, that's going to make me stop writing crossovers or anything.

Once back at the hotel, I called my kids to make sure that they were still alive. sixteen_letters told me that she'd gone to see PoTC2 for the FIFTH time. Then I called tabaqui and gushed all over her for about an hour. Goddamn, I missed her. Sooo much.

poisoninjest came by and ate dinner with Annie, blueswan9 and I and hung out for about 3 hours, bless her heart. She withstood me *squuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeing* all over her and was a good sport about so many people already being gone. I'm so very happy to have had the oppty to meet her.

femmenerd stayed with me Sunday night and around 11 pm we started watching all the Roswell, SPN and Angel/Spike vids she had stored on her laptop. Yisssssss. There was much Behr!squeeeeage. And there will be Jason/Jensen RPS. Oh Fuck Yes. Although? I was thinking outloud today with Tabi ... Jensen/Jason/ ... James ....?



This was a family reunion for me. With family members that I LIKE. My arms are sore from hugging. My heart is full from the smiles and love and happiness. My throat is sore from talking, my kids are making fun of my voice. I am exhausted and thrilled and amazed and still gasping for air.

Rob, the bartender summed it all up for me. He'd been watching us all since Thursday. Serving us drinks and trying to keep us happy and he told me and Blue that he was amazed and happy to see people that have such a passion about something. So much that we even made him want to go to a seminar. Any seminar.

He said that he'd seen so many people come in and out of the hotel that just live their lives. They work and they sleep and they eat and they just simply exist. But our group, the writercon group had made him realize that there are people out there that have a true passion for living our lives.

And I agree.

That we have this fragile, perfect, too~quick moment here on Earth and we chose to spend three days together. In a hotel. In workshops and seminars, in restaurants and pools and bars and just sitting around in someone's room talking about what moves us. What makes us smile. What makes us squee and what makes us cry and what makes us laugh and the pretty ... and the love. And most of all?

The fandom.

The friendship.

Thank you.

*adores my flist from top to bottom and back up again*
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