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I love vacations. However, since even on vacation, I am a bakery manager ... I was up by six~thirty. Which is, you know, really late for me.

I've watched the extended version of Gladiator. Gah. I love that movie. I cry every damn time. I can't watch my own dvd anymore. I think I wore it out, so it had been a few years since I'd seen Russell in a toga. *swoons* Now I'm listening to the commentary, just to hear more of his voice and try to count how many times he says 'fuck'.


I think he likes that word as much as I do.

I need to go shopping later, do the dishes and prolly take a nap ... but right now, I'm happy sitting right here. Reading your journals and fic and contemplating tags and drabbles and that damn rps story and drinking coffee.


And you must go read Perdition to Arcadia. If you read my Redeeming Spiritual Qualities.

tabaqui wrote the same drabble, from Spike's pov.

*dances with you*

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